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Amalfi Italy Hotels - Hotels in Glorious Amalfi, Italy

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Amalfi, Italy is one of the larger towns on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, long one of the world’s top tourist destinations, combining natural beauty, a hospitable climate and a captivating cultural experience. Those features have stood the test of time, and Amalfi, Italy hotels are available in all sizes and prices to suit all sorts of travelers.

The town itself is, like its neighbors, built into steep cliffs that descend into the sea, and hotels rarely lack a spectacular view. This means, however, that the traveler’s choice of room within a given hotel is of extra significance, as rooms within each facility tend to be priced with the sea view in mind.

At the top end of the price and luxury scale, the Hotel Santa Caterina has 70 units and many of the features visitors look for, including two restaurants, a saltwater pool and a private beach, reached by a path that winds through the hotel’s gardens or by elevator. It is worth noting that beaches accessible from Amalfi, Italy hotels tend to be rather pebbly, a different proposition from the fine sand beaches of the Caribbean, for example. At the top end of this top end hotel, a few rooms are actually private bungalows set within the gardens, each with a small private pool.

For something a touch more affordable but with more than a touch of history, the Hotel Luna Convento is situated in the watchtower that protected Amalfi in the days when it was a maritime power and the center of its own independent republic. This Amalfi, Italy hotel occupies a 13th Century monastery along with the watchtower, and its existence as a hotel dates to 1822. It, too, offers a saltwater pool and a private beach, and is renowned for its cuisine. Plan on reserving well in advance for dinner, especially during the high season.

If staying in luxury in the center of town is not a priority, the range of choices in Amalfi, Italy hotels offers a number of reasonable options that still offer views and plenty of charm.

The hotel Le Palme is a five-room hotel located just outside the town. It may not have the amenities of the larger hotels, but it offers a magnificent view from high above the town. Accommodations are simple but pleasant. Like many of the smaller, less central hotels, the hotel is reached by stairs from above or below and the climb can be a chore for travelers who aren’t reasonably fit.

Slightly larger, and slightly closer to things, the Hotel La Ninfa is a nine room establishment situated high up in the Amalfi cliffs. Again, there is a pool and private beach, along with some substantial stair-climbing, but the real attraction is the view. Not all rooms face the sea, so it is worth inquiring, and some of the most desirable rooms offer small balconies along with a panoramic view of the sea, the marina and the town below.

Amalfi, Italy hotels offer the traveler an excellent option when choosing a base from which to explore the Amalfi Coast and its many attractions. Amalfi itself is a bit less crowded, a bit less overrun with tourists and a bit more affordable than Positano and some of its other neighbors. Like those neighbors, Amalfi is very much a seasonal destination, with a crush of visitors in the summer high season and a much quieter winter. While visits from October through March can be pleasantly affordable, many hotels and restaurants close up shop in October and do not come back to life until April brings warmer weather. Still, the area is so breathtaking that even a visit in the dead of winter is better by far than no visit at all.

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