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Windows Xp Pro Software - Features of Windows XP Pro Software

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In late 2001, Microsoft launched the Windows XP operating system that would be the successor of Windows 2000 and the predecessor of Windows Vista. In addition to launching this operating system, Microsoft launched two different versions of the software including Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition and Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition. There were other versions released including the Tablet PC Edition and the Media Center Edition, but they weren’t as monumental or essential to the average computer user.

To this day, the Windows XP Professional (or Windows XP Pro software) is still used in many business and corporate environments as well as home environments. What’s great about the Windows XP Pro software is that it packs all of the same features as Windows XP Home, plus more. The Windows XP Pro software was specifically designed for power-users that were more advanced than typical computers users and users that worked in the industry of business and needed a computing solution for work.

Of course, the Windows XP Pro software supplies all of the features that you would get in the Home Edition including improved compatibility, more advanced yet simplified security, swift user switching, a brand new, innovative interface, more file support and so much more. In addition to this, the Windows XP Pro software packs individual and exclusive features including remote desktop capabilities, support for multiple processors for power computing, ASR (automated system recovery), support for dynamic disks, fax capabilities, web server support, and much more.

More specifically, the Windows XP Pro software offers many security features that can’t be found in the Home Edition of Windows XP. This is specifically because Professional users tend to keep vital files on their computers including company data, databases, confidential documents and other files. This is why there is such a strong need for heightened security for Windows XP Pro software users.

Moreover, some of these security features include file system encryption, access control for files (which basically means that you can monitor and control what files and resources are accessed and by whom), and more. In addition to this, Windows XP Professional is perfect for corporate settings (as previously stated). For example, if a corporation had the Windows XP Pro software installed on each computer, users would have access to support for multiple languages, the system preparation utility, RIS support, multiple roaming features, and more.

As far as the installation of the Windows XP Pro software goes, you can upgrade from practically any other earlier OS to Windows XP Professional, but this is not the case with Windows Home Edition. XP Professional users can also enjoy the benefits of furthered Administrative Tools for enhanced control and security.

Overall, it’s best to consider purchasing the Windows XP Pro software if you run a business or if you would simply like maximum control over your Microsoft operating system. This enhanced OS is not recommended to the average user, however, because of its advanced capabilities and features. A Windows XP Home user could still use the software, but would probably not get anything out of it other than what they would get out of Windows XP Home.

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