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Big East Tickets - How to Get Affordable Big East Tickets for Football Games

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Every year, one of the most competitive conferences in all of NCAA Men’s Football is the Big East. The Big East is loaded with future NFL players and has some of the most talented teams in the country including the West Virginia Mountaineers, the Cincinnati Bearcats, the Syracuse Orangemen, and the Louisville Cardinals. Each season it seems that a few of the teams from this conference a fighting for the #1 ranking in the BCA and a spot in the national championship game. Because of the high level of skill and competition in the conference, getting affordable tickets can be difficult. Luckily, there are several ways to get affordable Big East tickets for men’s football games.

The first way to get affordable Big East tickets is to try and get the tickets before the season starts. While the market value of tickets for games tends to increase as the season progresses, the face value of many tickets is actually quite affordable. The best way to get tickets for face value before the season starts is to find out when they go on sale and position yourself to take advantage of the sale. This could mean waiting in line at the ticket booth hours before the sale takes place, but getting the best tickets at an affordable price will be worth the wait and hassle.

The second way to get affordable Big East tickets is to purchase tickets against less marquee opponents. While most of the top Big East teams will have 1 or 2 marquee matchups each year, all of the teams will also play opponents that are less competitive and less popular. Tickets for these games, which typically take place earlier in the year, could typically be found for far less than tickets against better opponents. In many situations, season ticket holders may not want to attend these games and will be willing to sell them for face value or less.

The third way to get affordable Big East tickets is to purchase multi-game packages. While individual game tickets for marquee matchups are typically in high demand, many people are not willing to spend the money that comes with multi-game packages. While multi-game packages are more expensive than single game tickets, the ticket price per game is far less. These packages typically include 3 to 4 games against a wide range of opponents, which will include a few games against marquee opponents. If you purchase a multi-game package and do not want to attend all of the games, you could always sell tickets to a few of the games on the open market.

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