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Discount Hotel Washington Dc - Enjoy Your Washington, DC Vacation - and Save on Hotel Charges, Too

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Traveling to the nation’s capitol is one of the most fascinating trips a tourist can make, not only because of the number of museums and historical sites available, but also for the international flavor of the city. Although a vacation to the city can have a high price tag, it’s possible to make it a more affordable trip by checking into a discount hotel. Washington, DC has a huge variety of lodgings to choose from, from four-star resorts to lesser expensive hotels and motels nearby, which are easily accessible to the many famous attractions that draw visitors from all over the world.

You will find that a Washington, DC discount hotel is a great place to stay while you are vacationing, because it can be very conveniently located, as well as saving you significant expenses. A discount hotel in the Washington, DC area will be your starting point, and you can take advantage of the extensive Washington metro subway system to get just about anywhere in the city. The metro lines travel into both Maryland and northern Virginia, so even if you are lodging in an outlying area, you will still have access to all the best that the capitol city has to offer. Check websites for listings of the many discount hotels that are available, and look into the reasonable rates you can get when planning your trip. It’s not difficult to find a hotel in the Washington, DC area that offers significant discounts to visitors looking to stretch their vacation budget.

When you plan your trip, get a convenient metro map to choose your destinations. You may want to view the cherry blossoms if you are visiting in April, stroll the mall and visit museums, enjoy a festival, or visit the Jefferson Memorial when in the District of Columbia. Join a trip by boat on the Potomac River and see Theodore Roosevelt Island, or visit the National Zoo. Take in a gallery in the DuPont Circle area, or shop to your heart’s content in the trendy Georgetown boutiques along M Street. There are limitless places to visit in Washington, DC and nearby Virginia and Maryland, so plan your trip to take advantage of lots of attractions while you are there.

Whether your destination is the Lincoln Memorial, a tour of the Pentagon, or a Washington Nationals baseball game, buy a day pass for the subway and you can see the city easily while on a budget. All federally owned museums are free of charge, and have world-class exhibits for visitors to enjoy. Stop by the National Portrait Gallery, the Museum of Natural History, or the National Building Museum for a top-notch experience. The Spy Museum does have an entrance fee, but is a wonderful exploration into the underworld of espionage.

After you have enjoyed a day of tourist attractions, stop and have a meal at one of Washington, DC’s fine restaurants. The international community in the District offers a huge selection of cuisine. Chinatown is a popular destination for restaurant-goers and is conveniently located in the heart of the city. “Little Ethiopia”, in the trendy U Street area offers African dishes if you are interested. Or stop by any one of thousands of other dining places available in the city to enjoy a memorable lunch or dinner.

Be sure to take a lot of photos during your trip, as Washington, DC offers many opportunities for tourists to get a snapshot of the Capitol Building, Supreme Court or the White House. Many souvenir shops downtown have postcards and memorabilia to take home with you as well. You will want to remember your trip to Washington, DC, which is truly a world-class city.

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