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Extended Stay Seattle - Types of Extended Stay Accommodations in Seattle

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The city of Seattle and surrounding area makes a wonderful vacation spot where many choices exist for those needing an overnight hotel stay or vacation lodging. However, special circumstances or occasions may necessitate a longer stay of 30 days or more, whether for business or personal reasons. Accommodations for an extended stay in Seattle vary in style, location and cost. Depending on the specific needs, location may determine your final selection of extended stay facility. For others, cost may play the key role. Amenities offered may help make the final decision for others. Whether needed by the traveling executive, a family wanting a temporary vacation home or the family of a patient receiving treatment at a nearby hospital, Seattle offers a variety of extended stay options.

The traditional hotel room provides one type of extended stay accommodation. Suitable for single or double occupancy, these rooms provide a perfect space for the person needing little beyond a clean, comfortable and spacious room for sleeping. Guests can enjoy all of the traditional hotel amenities, such as maid service, room service, pool, gym facilities and whatever the particular hotel has to offer. Hotel rooms generally provide an efficient workspace and Internet connection. Some rooms may provide kitchenette facilities including a sink, microwave and mini-refrigerator. Other rooms may offer a larger kitchenette suitable for expanded food preparation. This type of hotel room generally consists of an open room with no distinctly separate areas.

Many extended stay facilities offer full suites with the bedroom separated from the living area by a door. These suites often include a separate kitchen area with full amenities such as dishwasher, garbage disposal, full-sized refrigerator and adequate counter and cabinet space. Suites can even accommodate a small family as the design often provides a central living area with either one or two separate bedrooms. With the inclusion of complete kitchen facilities making them like a small apartment, these suites can comfortably house a small family for an extended period of time. Suites with one or more bedrooms work perfectly as corporate or temporary housing of any type. Hotels that offer suites provide a large range of amenities for their guests giving them the best of both a home environment as well as a luxury vacation environment. Actual amenities can vary by hotel and may play a significant role when deciding which extended stay suite hotel to choose.

Short-term apartment rental provides another viable option for those needing temporary housing for an extended stay in the Seattle area. Some apartment buildings or complexes cater to those needing corporate or temporary housing by offering full-sized apartments for comfort and convenience. These apartments offer the perfect solution for those needing accommodations for the entire family. They make a perfect vacation solution for families who prefer to vacation in one spot for a longer period of time or for those who need a temporary home while awaiting completion of other living arrangements.

While short-term rentals generally are fully furnished and move-in ready, the option of month to month rental of an unfurnished apartment may work for others. Furniture rental companies can provide everything necessary to move in to your new temporary home. Once you have selected the furniture and accessories you prefer, the rental company can deliver and set up everything for you. This may not prove to be the best option for many, but the possibility can greatly expand your Seattle extended stay options in the areas of location and price.

Many hotels and apartment buildings in the greater Seattle area offer these various types of extended stay facilities. First, determine the best location for your needs. Next, decide which type of living space and amenities you prefer. Select your temporary “home away from home” and enjoy your stay. The following list of facilities offers just a small representation of the many companies offering extended stay accommodations in the greater Seattle area: Extended Stay Hotels, Homestead Studio Suites, Extended Stay America, Marriot ExecuStay, Homewood Suites, Springhill Suites, First Hill Apartments and Oakwood Temporary Housing.

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