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Durasoft Contact Lenses - Clarity Personified by DuraSoft Contact Lenses

eye visual vision help

Being able to see clearly on a daily basis is vital to accomplishing even the simplest of tasks. Focus, adaptability, and reaction time are extremely important for stockbrokers, engineers, pilots, and a multitude of other professionals. Whether enjoying a beautiful sunset or reading the daily headlines, visual clarity is the key to capturing vivid details and variety of shades available in the spectrum. When normal vision is mildly compromised and for whatever reason, corrective lenses can often help clear up the blurriness. Annual visits to an optometrist can help determine whether or not a visual prescription is necessary, and if so, a few different options are available to put things back into focus.

The most common visual abnormalities are nearsightedness and farsightedness, which can be remedied by wearing prescription eyeglasses. Wearing a pair of glasses, however, can be uncomfortable or cosmetically unappealing; extended use can also cause headaches, and there’s always a chance of misplacing them or having them stepped on.

Another option is having Lasik surgery performed, yet there are side-effects from this procedure, such as double-vision or the “halo effect” that produces increased glare and a hazy view when looking into different types of light; once the surgery is performed, reversing it isn’t an option.

Wearing contact lenses, on the other hand, may make a huge difference as an alternate and effective way to avoid these side-effects; many optometrists highly recommend the DuraSoft® contact lens brand. Manufactured by Ciba Vision, DuraSoft contact lenses are easy to use, easy to clean, and they come in a variety of colors.

Convenience is a factor when it comes to wearing DuraSoft contact lenses. Application and removal have never been easier. A 45% polymer blend makes them durable, yet their unique design and curvature makes them feel delicate and pliable. With DuraSoft contact lenses, visual sharpness is a constant, and there are four different types to choose from: color lenses, color toric lenses, standard toric lenses, and vial lenses.

The DuraSoft 2 ColorBlends are not only sleek-looking; they’re available in five colors: blue, green, hazel, brown, and gray. Mixing and matching is no longer a problem; these attractive colors can be applied to match most any ensemble designed to accentuate the eye area for a variety of occasions. ColorBlends can be worn up to 14 hours without having to remove them.

The DuraSoft 2 toric lenses are made to help correct astigmatic eye problems. The DuraSoft 2 Litetint style will not change the color of the eye; the tint is designed to help locate the lens while in the eye solution. These lenses are for everyday use, and can last up to a year before having them replaced.

The DuraSoft 3 Compliments are configured to accommodate dark eyes by blending two colors to create subtle changes, with 14 different shades that can make a noticeable difference in appearance.

DuraSoft contact lenses are also capable of blocking out harmful UV radiation from natural sunlight. Before purchasing any of these DuraSoft contact lens products, consulting with an eye specialist is recommended, for the purpose of proper fitting and obtaining the correct parameters for optimum vision.

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