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Boise Idaho Jobs - Guide to Boise, Idaho Jobs

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Boise, Idaho is one of the fastest growing cites in the United States. It is the capital and largest city in Idaho. It is the economic and governmental hub of the state of Idaho, and it attracts many people to move to the city and take jobs. The economy of Boise remains strong while other regions of the country suffer from economic downturns. There are so many varied industries that the economy of Boise is nearly recession proof. People have an abundance of opportunities to find work in Boise, and that work is located in a beautiful setting. Boise has a wealth of benefits for people who move there to obtain employment. The following is a guide to the local economy and jobs in Boise, Idaho.

Boise had its beginning as a center to service and provide supplies for the many mining camps that existed in the surrounding mountains. It then grew into a center for agricultural exchange, as well as a place to process the timber harvested in surrounding areas. Boise still maintains its position as a central hub for the surrounding towns and agricultural areas, as well as the timber and mining industries that still surround the town.

While people can still find jobs in Boise, Idaho in the traditional mining, logging, and agriculture industries, the present day economy in Boise is much more diverse. As the capital of the state of Idaho, the state government is a strong provider of jobs in Boise. People looking for jobs in Boise will do well to take a look at the jobs that are provided by the state and city governments in Boise. Both the local and the state governments in Boise are known for their generous benefits. They offer amazing retirement packages, great health benefits and one the friendliest employment environments you are likely to find anywhere.

There are also a number of great private companies with which to get Boise, Idaho jobs. Boise ranks number six in the country for cities that are home to the most corporate headquarters, when adjusting for population. Here are the best private employers in Boise to look at for job opportunities.

Boise Cascade Holdings is a manufacturer and distributor of lumber, particleboard and plywood, as well as manufactured wooden products like laminated lumber and wooden joints. It is a huge provider of Boise jobs, employing more than 4,600 people. This company has been growing by leaps and bounds, averages nearly $3 billion in sales yearly. It is a great place to find a job with a bright future.

Morrison Knudsen Corporation is another great company that provides many good jobs in Boise, Idaho. This has long been one of the biggest engineering and construction companies in the world. It has been around since 1932, and has always been a growth company. It now averages around $2 billion a year in sales, and works on some of the most prestigious projects on the planet. It helped construct the transAlaska pipeline and the Kennedy Space Center. They currently oversee projects in more than 35 countries around the world. If you are looking for a job with a company that is literally changing the face of the world, then a job with Morrison Knudsen Corporation is right up your alley.

Another great place to look for Boise, Idaho jobs Is TJ International, Inc. This prestigious company is the largest manufacturer in the world of engineered lumber products. It actually created the process for engineered lumber products in the 1960s, and it currently manufacturers more than 60% of the engineered lumber products in the United States. The engineered lumber products that TJ International manufactures are meant to replace traditionally milled wooden products like trusses and joints. These engineered lumber products are stronger, longer lasting, more environmentally friendly and less labor intensive. This is a company that will become bigger and bigger as the need for lumber increases throughout the world, so it is a great company to find a job that is very secure.

As you can see, the jobs in Boise, Idaho are plentiful, and there are a number of strong and quality companies with which to work. It is a great town to find employment.

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