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Jersey City Jobs - How To Find Jersey City Jobs

industry chemical plants growth

For those living in Jersey City, jobs are not impossible to find. The unemployment rate is still high with the current economic downturn but those with the right education or job skills should have little trouble finding a job even in today’s economy.

The first thing a job seeker should do is develop a positive attitude. The Jersey City unemployment rate has remained flat at around 9.2 percent for the past year. This means that over ninety percent of the people who are looking for jobs have found them. Most of the time a higher jobless rate translates into a longer waiting period before the seeker finds employment. It does NOT mean that a job won’t be found.

There are some areas of industry that have actually seen growth over the past year. Manufacturing jobs have picked up and positions are opening up in information technology.

Jersey City is a large industrial area with railroad shops, oil refineries, chemical and petroleum plants, cosmetic and textile factories. Its eleven miles of waterfront are lined with warehouses.

In the short term, positions at oil refineries will be hard to get as refinery output drops at the end of summer driving season. Oil refineries across the nation were operating at near capacity all summer in anticipation of greater demand than what actually developed. That has lead to greater than normal contraction this fall while the country uses up its surplus.

Jobs in chemical Plants in Jersey City depend on the industry they support. For example Synres Chemical makes synthetic resin, an ingredient found in paint. This industry is enjoying some growth as it follows a slight upturn in construction of new homes in New Jersey.

The downside of working in one of Jersey City’s many chemical plants was highlighted in a spate of recent articles and news reports. New Jersey in general and Jersey City in particular were cited as being some of the most dangerous places on earth because of the lax security around some of its more deadly chemical plants.

Besides being vulnerable and attractive to terrorists, some have been named in lawsuits as having higher than usual rates of the cancer mesothelioma. Finding a position in a chemical plant might seem like a boon to a weary job-seeker but if offered a job in the industry, one should look at security, safety, and health precautions taken in the plant before accepting it.

Cosmetic manufacturers are still doing well in the Jersey City area. Even, or especially, during recession periods cosmetics sell well. Women who give up vacations or other expensive luxuries during economic downturns, “reward” themselves with less expensive luxuries like cosmetics.

Jersey City’s location along the Hudson River make it an ideal warehouse and shipping site. The Burlington Coat Factory is a major employer in the area with positions always open for processors or loaders to receive boxes of clothing shipped in from overseas and get the coats ready for display at stores in the New York and New Jersey area.

Manufacturing isn’t the only industry to see growth in the town. Jersey City once tried to brand itself as “Silicon Valley East” until the original Silicon Valley began to lose jobs. Information technology has remained strong and has even seen small growth.

Some jobs in information technology especially those on an assembly line require little more than on-the-job training but most in this area require extensive training. Computer repair and technical support jobs are two that take advanced training but are relatively high paying in an industry that is still growing.

Many websites are available dedicated to helping searchers find employment in the Jersey City area. They offer job listings as well as tips for writing attractive resumes and making a good impression at interviews. These sites are comprehensive. Others are specific to one industry or even one particular firm.

Even industries listed as having lost jobs over the past year, like health care or retail, still list many openings in the field. Don’t be dismayed by seemingly poor employment reports. Jersey City jobs are still opening up all the time in every field. A searcher needs to be patient, learn job hunting skills and above all, remain optimistic.

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