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Airline Network Co Uk - Airline network co UK - Website and Travel Information

offers consumers currency award

Airline network co uk is a travel website which helps consumers locate, browse, and select a variety of travel information. Airline network co uk offers help with booking flights, hotels and rental cars. They also allow you to easily assemble a package comprised of a flight, hotel, and rental vehicle. Airline network co uk operates through netflights.com and helps consumers match a desired location with a preferred hotel for a preferred price. The website also has holiday deals which consist of travel options to popular holiday destinations like Dubai, Las Vegas, The Caribbean, New York, Orlando, the Far East, Thailand, and Barbados.

A consumer needs to simply select a type of journey (return/one way) the departure location, the arrival location, the date of the journey, the number of adult and child passengers, the cabin class, and the airline to book a flight. Hotels include a similar methodology with the required input of the arrival and checkout dates, the destination, number of rooms, and number of occupants. The car hire is also similar with the requested information encompassing the pick-up date and time as well as the drop-off date and time.

Airline network co uk’s company netflights.com is also a part of Gold Medal, which is, in turn, a part of the Thomas Cook Group plc. The Gold Medal Travel Group is the United Kingdom’s 4th largest tour operator. Airline network co uk as a company has won numerous awards and recognitions including the Globe Travel Award for Best Consolidator, Best Operator to the Middle East, Best Operator to the Far East and Australia in 2010. In 2009, airline network co uk won the Travel Weekly Globe Award, Advantage Travel Center Award, TTG Travel Award, British Travel Award, and SPAA and Worldchoice recognitions.

Airline network co uk also offers substantial financial protection as a fully bonded member with the Association of British Travel Agents. As such a member, Airline network co uk adheres to strict financial codes and practices to ensure financial protection is afforded to their consumers. Every holiday package and flight that they sell is protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Additionally, every flight that they sell is protected by Airline Failure Insurance (AFI).

The website also offers substantial customer service options as they are credited with not only providing consumers with a method of procuring travel arrangements, but also the necessary literal, demographical and geographical information to make those said travel arrangements. Additionally, airline network co uk offers a comprehensive FAQ and logically designed time zone correspondence system which ensures that consumers receive a timely response when making inquiries via e-mail.

Airline network co uk additionally offers a foreign currency ordering option in the form of standard currency or traveler’s cheques. They require that the consumer input the desired method of currency (i.e. traveler’s cheques or standard foreign currency), select the desired country, and then select the desired amount. The acceptable amount ranges from £200 to £2,500 and free home delivery is available on all orders over £500. Consumers may also choose to make multiple orders and receive more than one currency. Airline network co uk also offers next day delivery on all orders placed before noon on Monday through Friday. Therefore, individuals who utilize airline network co uk will also have the option of procuring monetary funds from a currency of their choice when making travel arrangements through airline network co uk.

Airline network co uk also offers worldwide travel guides to consumers in order to help them make the most educated travel decisions. The website offers numerous travel guides from locations all over the world including Paris – France, Amsterdam – Netherlands, and Sydney – Australia. They also offer general travel insight and information through their customer support service.

Airline network co uk offers a comprehensive way to check on your booking. In addition to electronic notifications, a consumer can check the status and details of their booked travel arrangements right from airline network co uk’s website. After entering the given booking reference and the lead passenger surname, a consumer can check on the status of their purchase including duration times, locations, and price.

Lastly, airline network co uk has periodic special offers including lastminute flight, holiday, and care hire deals as well as general promotional offers and discounts.

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