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Santa Barbara California Hotels - How to Find the Best Santa Barbara, California Hotels

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If one is looking to enjoy a relaxing beach vacation, then Santa Barbara, California is surely the place to go. Santa Barbara is famous for its mild year-round weather, its gorgeous Spanish architecture, and its lively events such as the annual Fiesta celebration or the intriguingly unique Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts show. Unfortunately, California coastal cities are well known not only for their fantastic beaches and quiescent sights, but also for the enormous cost that is required to visit one of these areas. Thankfully, if one researches Santa Barbara, California hotels carefully, it is possible to find lodgings that are both comfortable and affordable. The following is an overview of various Santa Barbara, California hotels that will aid travelers in their search for the ideal place to stay.

The Santa Barbara Holiday Inn Express is reputed to be one of the best values in this city. Although Holiday Inn is certainly not a luxury line of hotels, visitors are generally pleased with the cleanliness of this location’s rooms and the friendliness of its staff. Furthermore, the Santa Barbara Holiday Inn Express is situated in a prime location, just steps away from the city’s best beaches and shopping districts.

The Ramada Limited in Santa Barbara is another excellent and affordable choice. The hotel’s beautifully landscaped premises feature a gorgeous pond, a clean pool, and courtyards which guests can roam through. Although the rooms are a bit dated, the hotel’s high quality service and remarkably low price make the Ramada Limited an ideal place to stay.

For travelers who wish to experience the quieter side of Santa Barbara, the Mason Beach Inn would be an ideal choice. The Mason Beach Inn is known for its pleasant staff and serene, unhurried location. This Inn is located just a block from the local marina, and visitors can enjoy peaceful walks amongst Santa Barbara’s stunning architecture as they explore the area around the hotel. However, when visitors decide that they would like to experience a bit of Santa Barbara’s bustling city scene, downtown is only about a twenty minute’s walk away from the inn. Visitors to the Mason Beach Inn are generally very pleased with their stay.

The inexpensive Briasas Del Mar is also known for its intimate, homey touches. This impeccably landscaped inn offers benefits such as free cookies and milk, free DVD rentals, and high speed internet access. Although the location of the Briasas Del Mar is perhaps not as ideal as some other locations, many people believe that the home-like feel of this inn is well worth it.

Of course, if one is looking to spend a bit more money on his or her Santa Barbara location, there are several other options that would be ideal. For instance, the Upham is regarded as one of the best hotels in the Santa Barbara area. Although prices are slightly higher at the Upham than at the aforementioned Santa Barbara, California hotels, the Upham’s rates are still entirely reasonable and quite affordable for the average family. This hotel features luxurious furnishings, updated bathrooms, and quaint outdoor spaces in which one can repose. The Upham is within walking distance of several highly-esteemed restaurants and a trolley that leads to the beach.

Santa Barbara’s Pacific Suites hotel is another exquisite option. With prices comparable to those of the Upham, this hotel offers a myriad of diverse amenities, such as spa services, in-suite refrigerators and microwaves, and a complimentary cook-to-order breakfast. Many travelers love the Pacific Suites for its unequaled access to the nearby beaches; a private pathway leads directly from the hotel premises to the ocean. Although the Pacific Suites is a ten to twelve mile drive from downtown Santa Barbara, its location is ideal for visiting the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Finally, if one does not mind spending a premium on his or her vacation, there are several Santa Barbara, California hotels that will amaze visitors with their high-class amenities and special features. One of the most highly regarded hotels in Santa Barbara is the Inn of the Spanish Garden. Blending in seamlessly with Santa Barbara’s traditional Spanish architecture, this inn features a hefty dose of Old World charm. When not relaxing by a room’s crackling fireplace or enjoying the views from a scenic balcony, visitors can take advantage of the hotel’s unbeatable location and highly esteemed staff.

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