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Town Planning Jobs - The Importance Of Town Planning Jobs

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Town planning has become a fundamental occupation in the years since the Industrial Revolution, when rampant growth began taking place in many cities and towns. Strategy and necessity are important components of a town planning job, and a degree of creativity is involved as well. Sketching out an urban area’s appearance is essential in controlling untamed expansion, which can lead to an impractical layout.
A town planner is mainly responsible for overseeing new construction and improving existing areas within the city limits. The utilization of space, proper drainage, and adequate lighting are among the important duties of a planner; transportation, clean drinking water, and energy supplies must be considered also. The position will require many different skills; some planners are specialists in particular areas, such as urban design or preserving historical areas. Generally, the workload will consist of original, creative planning solutions that satisfy both residential and business communities. Planners will meet with stakeholders, developers, architects, and surveyors as needed, and often face challenges in getting their ideas across.
Other town planning duties involve reviewing and verifying zoning permit applications, and advising the applicants on the ordinances to be followed. A planner may collect data and prepare reports on land use, monitor project budgets, and oversee purchase orders and accounts while maintaining records. The planner will usually attend board meetings to make presentations and recommendations about ongoing projects or proposals, and this requires a thorough understanding of the area’s land use legislation.
Town planning jobs may also involve promoting environmental awareness, drafting special projects and future plans as requested, and meeting with various business and community organizations to better understand public opinion about a project. Once the necessary research has been done, a proposal is submitted, usually to a planning commission. If approved, the renovation or construction may begin, and the planner will usually oversee the work until completion, which may take several years.
A town planner’s duties are essential in many different ways, as the livelihood of a city depends greatly on attracting businesses and providing jobs. This often means renovating poor areas, modernizing public transportation, and laying out public facilities such as parks and schools. Virtually every project will require practical management of water, gas, and electricity supplies as well. Accurate information about planned industrial developments, projected population shifts, and the social and economic climate must be obtained and analyzed carefully.
The education requirements for a town planning job will vary depending on the employer and the scope of the work. A master’s degree in regional or urban planning is required for most entry-level positions in local, state, or federal agencies. Other employers may include architectural firms, construction companies, or international organizations working in developing nations. Courses in civil engineering, landscape architecture, and geography are among those that will provide good preparation for the job, and certification by the American Institute of Certified Planners is desirable to some employers. Graduate students often begin part-time in an agency or office, eventually leading to future job contacts.
Other helpful qualities in a town planner are a knowledge of survey equipment and photo interpretation, and the ability to make and read maps. Working well with people, while making technical presentations that are understandable to everyone, is also essential. Skilled use of CAD (computer-aided design) systems and GIS (geographical information systems) is highly suggested, as are basic word processor abilities.
Town planning involves indoor and outdoor work, and sometimes challenging projects will require overtime. Beginners will usually be assigned smaller projects, then work their way towards a supervisory position after several years of experience. There may be occasional frustrations, such as disapproval or lack of funding from government officials; however, it can also be a rewarding experience, through helping others and seeing a conceived project become reality.

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Town Planning Jobs - The Importance Of Town Planning Jobs