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Riviera Hotel Palm Springs - An Immaculate Paradise Can Be Found At The Riviera Hotel Palm Springs

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Only a few hotels are so magnificent that they have a worldwide reputation. The Riviera Hotel Palm Springs is one of these hotels. What makes the Riviera Hotel Palms Springs even more special is the fact that it’s located in Palm Springs, which is a desert-like oasis. This location allows for spectacular mountainous scenery and vivid earthly colors. The natural surroundings are certainly something to marvel at, but unlike most locations, the scenery inside and around the hotel is even more mesmerizing. When they designed the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs, they hired some of the most sophisticated and talented architects and designers in the world. But they didn’t go for the ho-hum type of professionals. They hired people who think outside of the box, and in a big way. The Riviera Hotel Palm Springs is known as a dreamland. Once you’re there, you feel as though you have stepped into some form of alternate world that’s inspiring and relaxing at the same time.

There are dozens of things that stand out about the Palm Springs Riviera Hotel. This is a hotel that stands out in a specific city. This is a hotel that stands out on a worldwide stage. It’s so impressive that it’s a top choice for famous celebrities. If you enjoy seeing celebrities in person, this is reason enough to book a room at the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs. There is an excellent chance you will spot a celebrity or two. If you don’t spot a celebrity, you might consider it bad luck, but the hotel itself will make you feel more than pleased with your decision to book a room. There are two pools at the Riviera Hotel Palm Springs. Private cabanas are available, some of which also have their own Jacuzzis. This is something you will not find anywhere else. In addition to cabanas around the pool area, you will find comfortable chairs, lounge chairs, and even couches. Another feature that most men find appealing is bikini-clad waitresses serving drinks on the pool deck.

For those who appreciate spa treatments, the Riviera Hotel Palm Springs has one of the most impressive spas ever created. It goes by the name of SpaTerre. It offers all the standard options you would find at the average spa, such as various types of massages, facials, pedicures, and manicures, but you can also relax in your own little waterfall pool to soak your worries away.
The Circa 59 Restaurant offers an exquisite menu and indoor and outdoor dining. It’s one of the finest hotel restaurants in the country and a well known name amongst the Hollywood elite. The Starlight Lounge and Bikini Bar are also popular establishments. Room service is offered, but it’s known as Guestroom Dining. Considering the amazing views from most of the rooms and suites, this option should be strongly considered for at least one night during your stay.

What stands out most about the Riviera Hotel Palm Springs is the unique art. The lobby immediately sets the tone with two futuristic leather poufs. The lounge has a pool table, mirrored walls, and wave-patterned leather couches. And the furniture in the rooms and suites is very angular with color patterns that shouldn’t work yet somehow do work. Many expensive paintings can be found hanging on the walls throughout the Riviera Hotel Palm Springs. Anyone who appreciates art can spend hours evaluating these distinctive works.

The Riviera Hotel Palm Springs isn’t just for leisure travel. Many people travel to the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs for business purposes as well. With 38,000 square feet of meeting and event space, there is a good reason why. There are also individualized office desks for private work space and there is a computer center with an ATM machine. Other amenities at the Riviera Hotel Palm Springs include babysitting referrals, valet parking, laundry, and dry cleaning. The Riviera Hotel Palm Springs is also the ideal place for a wedding.

The Riviera Hotel Palm Springs has 406 rooms and 44 oversized suites, some of which are as large as 1,248 square feet. The address for the Riviera Hotel Palm Springs is 1600 N. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262. The phone number is 866-588-8311.

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