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Brother Label Maker - Define Your World with a Brother Label Maker

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One of the most effective, time-saving disciplines is to label shelves, bottles, hobby areas, storage boxes and bins, and belongings with a Brother label maker. Searching for the right part, tool, or ingredient slows work progress and can cause mistakes when simply reading a label could make the job easier to complete. In the warehouse, on the construction site, or in the office, a Brother label maker provides easy-to-read labels from a durable machine that is versatile and easy to use.

To create a color-coded labeling system to save effort in locating compatible parts and ingredients, the tape cassettes in the Brother label maker can be swapped quickly and easily for different colors and tape widths. Different type styles are available for a distinctive and recognizable look that identifies an object for easy retrieval. Multiple frame styles that print around the text add visual appeal and can be used to group a product line, like the candy frame. Prior to printing your label, press the preview button and look at the display screen to verify spelling and evaluate the label’s appearance. The printed label emerges from the Brother label maker with the words you type in, surrounded by the frame you have chosen, and with the type size you specify to utilize most of the tape width. If you want another label identical to the one you just printed, simply press the repeat button. When you use certain labels repeatedly, most Brother models have memory storage to save some labels for quick access and printing.

Hand-held models are shaped for a comfortable fit in the adult hand for use while standing in a warehouse, construction site, or anywhere else the battery-operated unit could provide labels. Rubber impact guards protect the sides and back of the label maker, and absorb shock from bumps and drops in the harshest working conditions. The full keyboard is easy to use even for the largest hands, and the display screen provides preview capability prior to printing. Industrial-strength tapes that are laminated for durability are available in different colors on easy-to-swap cassettes. When the label is printed and applied to a dry surface, the label is resistant to cold, heat, spills and water. The same text and frame options are available on the hand-held models to make visual groups easily identifiable in large areas of shelves and boxes.

Desktop models are larger in dimension and are meant to set on a flat surface during use. The full keyboard has larger keys, more special characters, and type-related choices that make professional two-line labels on the tape color of your choice. Powered by batteries or an AC adapter, the Brother desktop model stands ready to print the label you specify at a moment’s notice. Text style and size options vary more widely on the desktop models, and the display screen measures further across for ease of visibility for previewing the label prior to printing. Tape colors and widths can be changed quickly for all those specific requests from employees with differing needs. Text can be rotated and reversed for unique vertical or window applications.

Since the software to produce labels is internal to either model, there is no need for a computer or printer. When organizing a store room, setting up a new kitchen, or putting a child’s name on school supplies, the Brother label maker is limited only by your ideas. The label cutting blade is safely inside the back cover so that tape is not wasted and fingers are never in danger. Threading the machine with a different color or width of tape is simple and replacing the cover is fool-proof. The case on every Brother model is made of material that is not brittle, and the tabs that hold the back cover in place will not break off with repeated use.

For the most rugged worksite or the simplest home application, the Brother label maker will produce clear labels for years without needing anything more than label tape and batteries. Determine the types of labels you will produce, and choose the model that will work for you and produce the labels to get you organized. Purchase a few different tape colors and experiment with the features of the label maker, and then make labels that are attractive and useful for any location and task.

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over 6 years ago

Hi, my name is Nicole and I'm with a company called S.T.V. Sales, which does janitorial sales. I am looking for a fair priced label maker, one that can print multiple colors in one label and the text can have color. We are doing some private labels and would need to put these on small and big items. So far everything I have looked up has been for very small things, and needless to say I'm not interested in that! If you could write back or call at (989)753-2090, again my name is Nicole. Thank you.