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Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitor - How to Choose the Right Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitor

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Panasonic has a wide selection of blood pressure monitors that will fit the needs of most any person that wants to keep an accurate record of their blood pressure. With blood pressure being one of the key indicators to predicting possible health problems, it is important to get a reliable monitor that can help you keep track of your vital statistics.

If you have ever been to a doctor or checked into a hospital as a patient, your basic stability is assessed by recording your weight, height, temperature and blood pressure. High blood pressure can indicate anything from heart disease, circulatory problems or any myriad of medical conditions. Having a “normal” blood pressure can give one confidence that they are on the right path when it comes to everyday health. As a patient, many individuals are asked to keep track of their blood pressure at home. Patients with a history of heart disease or patients that may be on dialysis need to follow their blood pressure closely and report any abnormal readings to their doctor. In an effort to find out which blood pressure monitor will work best for your personal situation, we review some of the choices in the Panasonic blood pressure monitor family of products.

Panasonic, long associated with electronics such as televisions and stereos, has diversified their operations and now has a large footprint in the blood pressure monitor field. There are a number of different models available for home use. Choosing which one is best for you comes down to how often you take your blood pressure, where you take your blood pressure and how much you want or are willing to pay for a monitor. Following is a description of some of the many monitors available in the Panasonic family of blood pressure monitors.

Panasonic EW BW10W
This monitor has a cuff that fits around your wrist and is best for people who find it painful to have their upper arm squeezed by a cuff. Like all of the various BP monitors available from Panasonic, this model offers very accurate readings on a consistent basis. It uses oscillometric measuring and has one touch inflation technology. Readings of blood pressure range from 0-280 mmHg and are accurate to a +/- 3mmHg. There is a large, easy to read digital display that shows both BP and pulse rate. The unit can store up to 90 readings in memory and operates on 2 AA batteries. Batteries last for about 300 readings before needing to be replaced. Sells for about $60.00 and is available widely over the internet and in traditional brick and mortar stores.

Panasonic EW3122S
This monitor uses a more traditional upper arm cuff that takes accurate readings on a very consistent basis. The cuff inflates with the touch of a button and the results are displayed on a large. clear digital display. You get both BP readings and heart rate readings. Operates on fuzzy logic technology that uses oscillometric measurements. Includes a color display and retails for about $80.00. A good, solid performer that won’t break the bank. You’ll get years of excellent performance from this model.

Panasonic EW3153W
Toward the upper end of the Panasonic blood pressure monitors is this hard plastic cuff monitor. It is similar to the monitors you might find for general public use in the back of a drugstore. You simply insert your arm into the hard formed sleeve and press a button to inflate. Features a wireless display that has large, clear numbers. You are not tethered to the machine. Display is like a tv remote control. Unit has a memory feature that can store 90 readings from two separate people and it is able to measure from 0-280mmHg. The heart rate is also displayed between 30-160 beats per minute. Operates on 4 AA batteries and sells for about $145.00.

These are just a sample of some of the more popular Panasonic blood pressure monitors. All of the Panasonic blood pressure machines are built to give accurate and clear readings on digital monitors. With different price ranges and some variations in how each machine operates, there is a machine that will fit your needs. Accuracy and dependability make Panasonic a good choice for home blood pressure monitoring.

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