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El Centro Hotels - How to Choose the Best El Centro Hotels

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Although the city of El Centro, California has historically suffered some particularly rough economic times, the city is quickly making a comeback and is becoming a very pleasant place to visit. Whether one comes to El Centro to explore the nearby Algodones Dunes, to take advantage of the city’s close proximity to major metropolises such as Los Angeles or San Diego, or simply for business reasons, one will be able to find El Centro hotels that meet their needs and expectations.

There are several different El Centro hotels that are highly regarded in this region. The following is a list of different El Centro hotels that one might consider when staying in this city.

The Towne Place Suites hotel is recognized for its friendly staff and accommodating atmosphere. This petite yet comfortable hotel offers plenty of amenities for its guests to enjoy. For instance, guests have access to a free continental breakfast, workout facilities, and a small pool. The hotel is also situated close to a shopping mall with several different restaurant options.

El Centro’s Clarion Inn is said to be the best deal in El Centro for the money. The Clarion Inn’s location is ideal – the hotel is tucked away in a quiet area of El Centro, but is still easily accessible from the freeway. The Clarion has been recently renovated and its rooms are clean, large, and completely comfortable. The hotel’s staff is very sociable without being overbearing, and the El Centro Clarion Inn is one of the most frequently sought hotels in this city.

El Centro’s Budget Inn and Suites offer perhaps the most affordable nightly rates in the entire city, other than the infamous Motel 6. Many people tend to shy away from this inn due to stereotypical low-end motel qualms. However, the El Centro Budget Inn and Suites is surprisingly clean and well-maintained. With its extremely low pricing, one obviously cannot expect to receive a 5-star treatment at this motel, but the establishment’s accommodations are perfectly clean and reputable. Families should not hesitate to stay at the El Centro Budget Inn and Suites when money is an issue.

There are other remarkably inexpensive El Centro hotels, but unless there is a dire emergency, one should try to seek accommodations elsewhere when the option is available. For instance, the Sun Valley Inn offers very low nightly rates, but it is also infamous for poor customer service and false advertising of its room’s amenities and pricing. The Knight’s Inn El Centro also offers remarkable rates that visitors to this city can take advantage of. Unfortunately, while this motel’s staff is very friendly and hospitable, the Knight’s Inn’s rooms are reputed to be small and unclean.

By paying just a bit more money per night, one can find accommodations at much better quality El Centro hotels. For example, the Best Western John Jay Inn is still very affordable, but it offers much better services than some of the aforementioned hotels. The rooms at the Best Western John Jay Inn are known to be very spacious and clean. Options such as in-suite microwaves and refrigerators are available, and the hotel offers free hot breakfasts every day of the week. This inn is also very quiet and serene, perfect for a relaxing vacation or a studious work environment.

The Holiday Inn Express of El Centro offers all the features that one would expect from a hotel of this class. An experienced staff, excellent breakfast options, and basic hotel amenities are all included in the hotel’s nightly rate. Some visitors to this hotel complain that the establishment is difficult to locate and a bit out of the way; however, upon reaching the hotel, most are completely satisfied with their stay.

The most high-class hotel option that is offered in the city of El Centro is the Fairfield Inn and Suites. Although the prices charged at this hotel are considerably higher than those of other El Centro accommodations, visitors to this establishment claim that the Fairfield Inn and Suites by far exceeds the standards of other El Centro hotels. The Fairfield Inn and Suites’ tasteful decor, high degree of cleanliness, and amenities such as easy access to hiking trails and helicopter sightseeing make it well worth the extra cost.

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