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Distance Masters Degree - 5 Benefits of Getting a Distance Master's Degree

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Many people are returning to school, and it is no longer just for the youth. Enhanced education through an online distance master’s degree program is becoming an increasingly popular choice. While a bachelor’s degree meant a solid job and a comfortable living at one time, with global competition, the stakes are now higher. Many people are locked into tight schedules that will not allow them the luxury of attending a conventional brick and mortar college or university though. A distance master’s degree program addresses this issue. Taking the next step, whether up the corporate ladder or in any field of study will require a higher educational level. Every individual will benefit in their own way from obtaining a master’s degree, but here are five benefits that can apply to anybody obtaining a master’s degree, especially those taking advantage of a distance master’s degree program.

1. Enhanced credibility: Most employers will take notice of anyone who has an M.A. in front of their name. The perceived expertise, and the dedication put forward to obtain a degree could be the difference between landing a job and having an application ending up in the circular file. For those looking to move up in their company, obtaining a distance master’s degree has a two-fold benefit of an enhanced educational level without ever having to leave the workforce for an extended period of time. Even if obtaining a distance master’s degree is for entering the business world initially, the credibility it will provide will be a step up on the competition.

2. Being able to ask for more: The fact of the matter is that MBA graduates make more money. Employers understand that an MBA graduate is more knowledgeable and therefore expect to be compensated for their knowledge. Companies will pay because an MBA is an asset to a company.

3. An MBA increases the likelihood of a promotion: Obtaining a distance master’s degree can be the rung needed to climb the company ladder. For those already established at a company, a distance master’s degree can facilitate a promotion without having to take significant time off from the company. Most companies require a certain educational level for promotions to even be considered. A distance master’s degree program can provide that educational level on the go.

4. A master’s degree could be the key to self employment: Working for somebody else can be rewarding, both financially and work wise. There are those though that have a more entrepreneurial spirit. Taking an online master’s degree program confers real knowledge, and that knowledge can be used as a new business is getting off the ground. In fact, it is possible that an entrepreneur/student may conduct both studies and business from the same room.

5. Valuable employees enjoy longevity: In tough economic times, many employees face layoffs, pay cuts, or a reduction in hours. A notable exception are those who have obtained a master’s degree. While not immune to the above scenarios, they are less likely to face those possibilities than their lesser educated counterparts. Those with a master’s degree are valuable to a company, and if layoffs are inevitable, they are likely to be the last out the door. Even in the event of a company collapse, a master’s degree will stand out in the job market.

A distance master’s degree may not be for everybody. But for those with the drive and dedication to move to the next level of education it offers convenience while enhancing any portfolio or resume. The world is full of workers. Companies and those in various fields of study can find them relatively easily. The world needs thinkers though, and a master’s degree indicates that indeed the graduate meets that definition.

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