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The term paradise comes from the ancient Greek word for park. Yellowstone National Park is indeed a pantheistic paradise. This land of superheated waters that clash with gargantuan glacial rock is undoubtedly where the Norse gods went to vacation. It is a primeval Jurassic park where one can imagine a tyrannosaurus emerging from a mesozoic forest, only to be skewered on a titan’s trident and parboiled in Old Faithful as an appetizer. It is a realm that tested and sustained the aboriginal Indians over ten millennia ago.

Today, modern primitives can relive this magnificent, mesolithic experience while staying at marvelously modern Yellowstone National Park hotels, some of which offer first class accommodations. The hotels inside Yellowstone National Park are all run by a company called Xantara, which has a government contract as the sole administrator of these hotels.


The Old Faithful Inn is a soaring diadem of a hotel that holds its own with the sylvan scenery that surrounds and envelops it. It has radiated force and permanence for over a century, and it is undoubtedly the sine qua non of Yellowstone National Park hotels. Its tremendous great hall, with its colossal, granite hewn hearth, is an earthly reflection of Valhalla. The Old Faithful Inn is eight hundred feet long and has four hundred rooms. The dining room is rugged and ready for rapacious appetites. The tables that support the prime rib buffets groan under the plethora of foods that entice ravenous guests. The Old Faithful Inn is extremely popular in the summer; spring and fall are the best times to stay at this architectural icon.

The Lake Yellowstone Hotel is an eighteen nineties edifice of stately grandeur that is the oldest of the Yellowstone National Park hotels. This four story homage to minimalist classicism stands directly on Lake Yellowstone and was opened shortly after Yellowstone became the first national park in the world. This is a hotel that F. Scott Fitzgerald would have unequivocally embraced. Its Apollonian sun conservatory drenches the guest with visions of this primordial lake. The two hundred and ninety six rooms have been renovated in recent times, as have the hundred and ten cabins. The very formal dining room focuses on the freshest trout and salmon that can be found in the pure rivers and lakes of the great Northwest. A traveler generally has to make reservations a year in advance in order to stay at this unique retreat.


The Roosevelt Lodge was of course named after that inveterate outdoorsman, Teddy Roosevelt, who loved to match his ruggedness with that of Yellowstone. This old style lodge is one of the most popular Yellowstone National Park hotels, being particularly admired by the serious fisherman. The lodge offers robust, family style food and has Old West Dinner cookouts which give the guests the feel of the trail drive lifestyle.

The Old Faithful Snow Lodge is a strapping rendition of the classic, northwest lodge, with its huge log exterior that reflects the nineteenth century hunting lodge, although it is the most recent Yellowstone National Park hotel. The Obsidian Dining Rooms grills prime steaks and other first rate victuals for the ardent skier and snowboarder,

Grant Village is an ideal lodging on Yellowstone Lake for those who enjoy rustic modern. With its three hundred rooms, the traveler can generally find lodging. The dining room is noted for having some of the finest food in Yellowstone.

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel is an old school Yellowstone National park hotel that sprawls across the area of the hot springs. There is a separate dining building that offers a range of cuisine at an excellent value. Hot tubs and an ice skating rink are available during the winter months.

The Canyon lodge complex is composed of the Cascade Lodge and the Dunraven Lodge and is located at the center of the park. The lodging has a neo-rustic atmosphere.


Yellowstone National Park has a land area that is greater than the states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined. By staying at Yosemite National Park hotels, the visitor has much greater access to the ten thousand geysers, wondrous water falls, bison and elk herds and the Yellowstone Grand Canyon.

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