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Border Book Store - Borders a Superstore for Books

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Borders is second only to Barnes and Nobles as the largest bookstore chain in America. Borders have approximately 500 bookstores in the United States. Borders bookstore is an international chain that opened its first store in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Borders bookstore has many super bookstores that provide a large selection of books, educational products, and a rapidly expanding selection of electronic media merchandise. Borders bookstore are designed to make customers feel comfortable in an inviting atmosphere by providing customers with a sitting area to leisurely browse through books and their many other products.

In 1971, brothers Ton and Louis Borders opened a bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They decided that the academic community, which included the University of Michigan and several smaller colleges, needed a bookstore that could supply books and other merchandise that would cater to the college crowd. The bookstores became a popular place to hang out in the college community. Within a few years, the Borders brothers had bookstores in Michigan, Atlanta and Indianapolis.

In 1985, the Borders brothers made a decision to move their bookstores out of the malls and venture into rapidly growing suburban neighborhoods. Over the years, Borders bookstores continued to thrive, because they would stock their inventory to be specifically tailored to meet the needs of the people in their community, especially the students at colleges and universities.

In 1992, K-mart Corporation, which owned Waldenbooks, purchased Borders Bookstores and merged the two bookstores. This decision was made to improve the sales of the failing mall-based Waldenbooks chains. By 1995, it was obvious that the merger was unsuccessful because of the rise in people purchasing books online at Amazon.com and at Barnes and Nobles bookstores. In 1995, K-mart Corporation was struggling to stay afloat with their own financial problems involving their K-mart chain of stores, made the decision to allow Borders to buy back its’ bookstores, by using a structured stock purchase plan to seal the deal. Borders bookstores became a part of the Borders-Walden Group. Currently, the operation of the Borders bookstores is controlled by the Borders Group.

To entice customers into Borders bookstores, Borders agreed to serve Seattle’s Best Coffee, a subsidiary of Starbucks, in Borders bookstores’ espresso cafes. Under the direction of the Borders Group, sales increased to 1.5 million dollars in one year. This was mainly attributed to Borders computer inventory management and sales system, which tracks the selling patterns of their books. This helped to keep up with their supply and demand by always being fully stocked with Borders’ bestsellers.

Borders bookstores became a huge success because of their philosophy of giving customers what they wanted and needed. Besides Borders sophisticated inventory and ordering system, another tremendous boon to sales were Borders’ employees. Borders bookstores hired full time college educated employees who exhibit excellent customer service skills. Borders bookstores chose employees who were well read and had extensive knowledge in literature and music.

In 2010, Borders bookstores launch its e-bookstore at Borders.com. Being a latecomer to the e-books market, Borders hoped that an aggressive sales plan would land them 17% of the e-books profits. At the present time, the e-book market is on track to exceed 500 million dollars in the United States.

Borders Group has infused their bookselling business with innovation and passion to help make their customer’s experience in their bookstores very enjoyable. Today, customers are shown appreciation at Borders bookstores for customer loyalty with the Borders Rewards program.

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