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Centennial Homes For Sale - Homes for Sale in Centennial, CO

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Homes for sale in Centennial present a picture of the past, while entertaining the opportunities of the future. Centennial, Colorado, is a young and vibrant city set among the picturesque hills and valleys of The Centennial State. Though it is filled with established homes and neighborhoods, this desirable city was not officially incorporated until 2001 as a part of Arapahoe County and the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area. Subsequently, in 2008, a home rule charter was adopted by the city, authorizing the local government to oversee all local matters and care for local concerns without the umbrella of the state. With a population of over 100,000, the residents of Centennial enjoy a commitment to protection from their efficient and transparent local government. Those searching for a new home in Centennial anticipate their future in this sought-after location whose motto aptly describes its high quality of life – the Spirit of the Past.

Centennial homes for sale offer consumers a variety of options that fulfill the needs of many elite singles, up- and-coming young families, and wealthy households. The average sales price for a home in Centennial is over $250,000; however, the median price of all homes listed for sale is over $300,000, indicating a high saturation of homes with greater value. For the elite, million dollar properties present comfort and suburban luxuries in settings of tranquil acreage. Though not great in number, foreclosure and auction properties may garnish a listing price of less than one hundred thousand dollars and draw the interest of bargain hunters who seek the opulence of this valued city.

Because many of the neighborhoods in this exceptional city were established long before the formal incorporation of Centennial, over ninety percent of the homes were built between 1960 and 1999. New construction has continued since the year 2000 and opportunities to have a custom home built in a new master-planned community are available; however, less than five percent of the existing homes were built after the turn of the century. Real estate listings in Centennial showcase the traditional, single-family homes that line the majority of the well-maintained and expertly designed residential streets. Condos and multi-family units are more numerous closer to the center of the city. Many areas are managed by homeowner and civic associations who monitor the upkeep and preservation of the idyllic neighborhoods, and Centennial boasts one of the lowest overall crime rates in the nation.

The majority of homes for sale in Centennial, Colorado, are listed as a part of the Colorado Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS does allow unlimited searches to consumers free of charge; however, the assistance of a certified Colorado state real estate agent provides access to additional information on the homes listed for sale and ensures professional representation during the entire home buying process. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) also lists homes for sale, many of which are offered under special conditions and may include financing deals or price reductions. In addition to the MLS and HUD, homes for sale in Centennial may be listed as for sale by owner (FSBO) properties. These properties may be listed with an online FSBO company, but many are discovered during a search of the city or by word of mouth.

Before searching for a new home in Centennial, consumers should be familiar with financing options available to them for their purchase. A variety of alternatives are available in Colorado. A conventional loan requires a down payment of 5% of the purchase price of the home and can not exceed $417,000. While maintaining the down payment requirement, jumbo loans assist the consumer with purchases over $417,000. Government and county programs offer a reduced down payment of only 3% to first time homebuyers, but FHA loans carry with them guidelines to be considered with the purchase of a home. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs assists members with the attaining of VA loans, requiring no down payment. Consumers with a less stable financial history may apply for bad credit loans or down payment assistance if they are able to meet the conditions of the program. Having financial pre-approval or pre-qualification will benefit any home search in Centennial.

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