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San Ramon Schools

valley children scores education

The city of San Ramon, California is home to some of the most educationally equipped and academically enthusiastic schools in the area for children and young adults of any ages. The San Ramon Valley Unified School District has elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and alternative schools, along with prestigious sports and special education programs in almost every one of these. With state testing scores that are above average, San Ramon schools are proving themselves to be top notch learning facilities that go above and beyond their abilities to prepare students for life after high school.

With 21 elementary schools, 8 middle schools, 4 high schools, and 3 different alternative schools, San Ramon schools are densely populated, and are producing great, hard workers as a whole. Unity and teamwork are high priorities in all schools and test scores from each school indicate that staff work with students to produce wonderful academic results. Each year San Ramon high schools (California High, Dougherty Valley High, Monte Vista High, and San Ramon Valley High) raise test scores just a little bit and prove that progress is definitely possible in children this age.

San Ramon Valley schools offer some great after school activities as well. All grade levels offer summer classes, and all schools offer clubs and group activities for students and parents alike during the months where there is no school. Special needs education is also taken very seriously in this school district and is overseen by some of the state’s most qualified teachers and professionals.

San Ramon Valley schools are a great choice for your children and young adults, boasting a rather high graduation and college enrollment rate. Over half of the graduates from each year at San Ramon high schools voice their intent to attend colleges and universities around the United States, and many of the other graduates have plans to attend vocational or trade schools. With such a high rate of success in classes after high school, San Ramon high schools are among some of the most highly sought after schools in the state of California.

For a great educational experience, San Ramon schools are a great place for children and adolescents to mature and learn skills needed for a great future. With high test scores and high rates of success after graduation, this school district is very desirable to most parents and teachers. Student interaction and involvement are very important to teachers and administrators as well as parents. Special education programs, alternative education, and summer classes can help children achieve their goals and dreams of becoming a successful adult and a valuable member of society. San Ramon Valley schools are a wonderful resource for any parent and student who desire highly sought-after academic achievements.

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