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Houston Accounting Jobs - Types of Accounting Jobs in Houston

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Houston, TX is brimming with opportunities to work in accounting. Before searching for Houston accounting jobs, it is important to recognize the types of accounting jobs available in the area. For example, there is no lack of public accounting opportunities, including opportunities with each of the Big Four. Local public accounting firms are plentiful also, as are accounting jobs in the private sector, including industry, retail, governmental, and not-for-profit entities.

Even if a career in public accounting is not desired, it is sometimes the best place to start. This type of job can build experience that is crucial in landing a more desirable job, and some find that the public accounting atmosphere is perfect for them. Each of the Big Four accounting firms, Deloitte & Touche, LLP, KPMG, Ernst &Young, and Price Waterhouse Cooper, have offices in Houston. These firms tend to require new hires to be more specialized, either in tax or auditing, then a specialty niche within each of those. For example, if working in audit, one may be either working on hospitals, banks, not-for-profits, or industry, but usually not more than one of these. These large firms offer outstanding internship opportunities that offer actual staff accountant experience, rather than the “grunt work” that is often associated with an internship. They also offer in house training and other career growth opportunities such as community service and networking events. Typically, jobs with the Big Four require extensive overnight travel.

Another option for public accounting is smaller, more local public firms in the Houston area. These may offer a broader range of experience, depending on individual firm policies, allowing a new hire to work on a variety of audits as well as possibly working in both audit and tax. Often these types of firms offer more flexible time off during off season, with some even closing on Fridays in the summer time. Internship opportunities are not as abundant, but the smaller, more intimate atmosphere and unique experience opportunities appeal many.

The final option for Houston accounting jobs is the private sector. These are accounting jobs that are not with a public accounting firm, including industries, governmental and not-for-profit entities, hospital, banks, etc. There are entry level jobs available in these areas, but generally they require 3 to 5 years experience, which is why many “pay their dues” so to speak, in the public accounting arena. These types of entities also sometimes hire from their audit or tax team. That is not always the case however, and Houston is full of opportunities for these types of jobs, due to the shear size and scope of businesses located there.

Larger public firms generally accept applicants all the time, with major hiring bursts in the winter and spring after graduation. Smaller firms and private sector entities tend to advertise job openings and not accept unsolicited applications as freely. Regardless of which you choose, there are a variety Houston accounting jobs available.
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