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Live Oak Hotels - Hotels In Live Oak, Florida

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The general area of Live Oak, Florida offers visitors a selection of approximately half a dozen hotels for their stay. The majority of rooms are economy to moderately priced, with one hotel offering suites for extended stays. The hotels are equally mixed in location between the general downtown shopping area and the areas close to the Live Oak exit off of Interstate 10.

These hotels are designed for providing inexpensive stays for people traveling between the larger cities of Tallahassee and Jacksonville, plus those who are visiting the area to explore the culture and history of the Suwanee River. The Live Oak, Florida region has drawn tourists since the mid-1800s because of the many sulfur springs that were once plentiful throughout the Suwanee River Valley. People would come to the area from throughout the world to “take the baths” in the springs that were touted as having curative powers for many ailments. Unfortunately, these springs are now dry and most people visit the area to enjoy the beauty of the Suwanee or to enjoy the museum dedicated to the legacy of the river at the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park in the nearby town of White Springs. All of the hotels in Live Oak offer information materials on the many historical attractions and recreational opportunities in the area.

Amenities in the hotels around Live Oak vary based upon their room rates. Most offer some type of continental breakfast and all of them have basic television channels, non-smoking rooms and complimentary wireless or plug-in computer access points. They are equally mixed on the acceptance of pets. The more moderately priced hotels also offer workout facilities, spas and pools. There are no hotels in the area that have on-site restaurants. All of them offer handicapped-friendly rooms and facilities.

Those seeking hotels in the Live Oak, Florida area with a more historical setting can find such accommodations in White Springs, which is approximately 20 miles to the northwest. White Springs was one of the premier tourist destinations during the heyday of the sulfur springs popularity and still retains much of the true Old-Florida charm that the Suwanee River Valley is known for. There is an original 1800s hotel the town, with a restaurant, as well as a Victorian-era Bed-N-Breakfast. With easy access to the Stephen Foster Folk Cultural Center State Park and ample recreational opportunities on the river, the hotel accommodations in White Springs are often more suitable for those seeking family-oriented and recreational opportunities.

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