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Cincinnati Ohio Hotel - Choosing The Right Cincinnati Ohio Hotel

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Cincinnati is best known for its exciting downtown section and its sports. Cincinnati is home to several professional sports teams, including the Cincinnati Reds in Major League Baseball and the Cincinnati Bengals in the National Football League. But this isn’t only a great city for viewing sports; it’s also a great city for active people. Cincinnati has many terrific and challenging golf courses, several professional-caliber running tracks, inline skating, squash, and more. Another reason Cincinnati is such a popular travel destination is because it’s one of the easiest big cities to access. Two interstates, I-71 and I-75, run right through the city.

The most interesting thing about Cincinnati Ohio hotels is that they’re very spread out compared to hotels in other cities. Let’s take a look at a few examples. The Quality Hotel & Suites is located in north Cincinnati and is pretty much isolated from all other Cincinnati hotels. The only negative, which is a major one, is that this hotel has a low traveler rating of only 2.5 stars. The Kingsgate Marriot Conference Hotel At The University of Cincinnati is located right in the center of the city. Due to a high traveler rating of 4 stars, more details will be covered on this hotel below. The Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Cincinnati is a 3-star hotel that is located right off of I-75. And the Mariemont Inn Best Western is in Mariemont, which is in eastern Cincinnati. This is a 4-star hotel and should be considered if you don’t want to be near all the action.

The Kingsgate Marriot Conference Hotel At The University of Cincinnati is the ideal Cincinnati Ohio hotel for friends and family visiting students. This is obvious based on the name of the hotel. If you’re not traveling to Cincinnati to visit a student, you should probably pass on his hotel. It’s in the center of the city, but everything in Cincinnati is downtown. That makes this hotel inconvenient for most travelers. However, if this location does suit your needs, it should be strongly considered; this Cincinnati Ohio hotel is clean and the staff is friendly. On the other hand, everything about the hotel is standard. It’s not a hotel that will wow you in any way. This also one of the most expensive Cincinnati Ohio hotels. As stressed earlier, location is the key. The address for the Kingsgate Conference Hotel at the University of Cincinnati is 151 Goodman Drive. The phone number is 513-487-3800.

The best Cincinnati hotels are found in the downtown area. One is The Cincinnati Hotel. This hotel is moderately priced and offers amazing service. Anyone 17 and under also stays for free. Amenities include a business center, a conference center, a concierge, a health club, a good restaurant, and connecting rooms. The only real negative is that the views from this hotel don’t compare to the views you can find at many other Cincinnati Ohio hotels. The address for The Cincinnati Hotel is 601 Vine Street. The phone number is 513-381-3000.

The Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza is a beautiful hotel. It’s also in the perfect downtown location. This moderately priced Cincinnati Ohio hotel offers many great amenities. These amenities include a top-notch fitness center, high-speed internet access, a Jacuzzi, an indoor pool, and easy access to Macy’s and local sporting events. This is also one of the largest hotels in Cincinnati Ohio. There are 29 floors and 561 rooms. Try to get a room on the 20th floor or higher so you can enjoy sweeping views of the city and river. The Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza is located at 25 West Fifth Street. The phone number is 513-421-9100.

The Garfield Suites Hotel is also located downtown. The biggest selling points here are the spacious suites, affordable prices, and a superior location. Staying in a suite at this Cincinnati Ohio hotel will make you feel more than at home. And as far as location goes, the Garfield Suites Hotel is right next to the Entertainment District. It’s also within walking distance to the Tower Place Mall. An added benefit is the on-site restaurant, Café Martin, which serves excellent food. The views from this hotel are incredible, especially since the hotel overlooks Piatt Park. The only negative for this Cincinnati Ohio hotel is that getting from the parking garage to the hotel is more adventurous than it should be. The address for the Garfield Suites Hotel is 2 Garfield Place. The phone number is 513-421-3355.

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