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Christian College Online - How to Select an Online Christian College

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The trend today is to go the non-traditional route of attending an online college rather than attending in the traditional manner. There is no real difference in the attendance of online classes versus attending in the traditional class room setting. You still have to meet the rules on participation and class room attendance. However, it is easier to attend online due to the lack of a specific daily attendance time.
When planning to attend a Christian college online there are a lot of important things to consider. The most important things to examine are each of the colleges’ vision statements, references from its students, its accreditation, and then there is cost.
Before taking the first step it is imperative to set up a date to complete the college entrance exams, which are the SAT and the ACT. You can set those up with the local high school. For adults who want to complete the college entrance exams you can go the local high school, community college, or the unemployment office to locate examination testing centers.
The first step to take is to do the research on each online Christian college that is being seriously considered. It is not widely known, but a lot of well known universities offer what is called a distance learning degree which is just another way to say that the degree is earned completely online. Loyola University, Point Loma Nazarene, Bob Jones University, Southeastern University, Penn State University, and Harvard University are just a hand full of schools that offer an online distance learning degree program.
The second step is to read everything the school suggests reading, paying special attention to any Mission, Vision, or Doctrinal statements that the college stands behind. Prospective students should ensure that they are willing to abide by published college policies.
The third step is to narrow down the list of prospective Christian colleges. Most colleges charge a fee that must be paid when submitting applications.
The fourth step is to locate each of the colleges distance education office phone numbers and call to speak with a counselor. Prospective students should have an idea of what major they are most interested in and ask enough questions to become satisfied that the prospective college is the right choice for that student.
The fifth step is to gather all applications, follow each application’s directions very closely, and then send them in.
The sixth step is to patiently wait for the colleges to write back with acceptance or rejection letters. After receiving acceptance letters, the student should choose the online Christian college that he/she would be most proud to graduate from.

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