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Md Anderson Houston - MD Anderson Houston-A Place Where Wishes Can Come True

cancer center treatment patients

One of our nation’s foremost cancer centers can be found in Houston, Texas. This is the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas. It has grown from the small Texas Medical Center founded in 1941, to the well-known research and treatment center that exists today. It is rated as the number one facility for cancer care in the United States, as well as ranking number one in the number of grants received from the National Cancer Institute. This year, 2010, the center estimates that it will see at least 90,000 patients. Along with treating cancer patients with proven protocols, the center also allows qualified patients to take part in clinical research programs making use of experimental treatment protocols.

In addition to being a first class cancer treatment center, MD Anderson Houston is home to the School of Health Professions, offering bachelor’s degrees in health fields such as radiation therapy, diagnostic imaging, and cytogenetic technology. The Cancer Center also offers fellowships, internships, and residency opportunities to those with PhD’s as well as medical professionals. In addition to serving as a treatment center for cancer, it is also a teaching hospital, training future doctors, nurses, technicians, and others involved with the treatment of cancer, in the most up to date protocols.

With all the hospitals and centers devoted to the treatment and cure of cancer, why does the MD Anderson Cancer Center stand out from the rest? There are many reasons why this site is chosen by patients and their families. The manner in which patients, along with their loved ones, are treated from the beginning sets the tone of their experience at the center. MD Anderson makes the emotional care of patients and their families a major aspect of their treatment. There is a group of volunteer cancer survivors, called the Anderson Network, who speak with the new patients, giving them encouragement, as well as sharing their experiences. The Center also helps patients with travel arrangements as well as finding them a place to stay. The Jesse E. Jones Rotary House International, which is a hotel for patients as well as their families, is directly across the street from the hospital. Other programs that are available for the patients and their loved ones include The Learning Center, which provides the patients and their families with books and other materials to help them understand their illness and its treatment. In addition, MD Anderson offers programs, free of charge, to help with the non-medical aspects of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

At the MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center, the goal is to combine patient care, treatment, and prevention of cancer. This center has been working on defeating cancer for six decades, and thus has much more experience than smaller centers. Unlike some hospitals, the MD Anderson Center treats only cancer. They are experienced in treating almost every type of cancer, and developed protocols used throughout the world. This center also researches and treats many rare types of cancer with which other centers have no experience.

Technically, the MD Anderson Center is one of the most advanced centers in the nation. It has developed advanced diagnostic tools that aid a doctor in finding a cancer as well as tailoring treatment for that particular cancer. This allows the patient to experience the highest quality of life possible during and after treatment. When a new treatment is discovered, it usually becomes the protocol treatment at MD Anderson much sooner than in the smaller centers. Additionally, the Center has been honored with the highest number of research grants given out by the National Cancer Institute, allowing them the opportunity to continue and expand the research projects allowing them to work on all aspects of cancer and its growth.

For those newly diagnosed with cancer, or those who do not feel they are receiving adequate treatment for their cancer, the MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center is one hospital worth investigating. The patients will notice that treatment at this center is geared to fill all one’s needs – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Patients are treated as people first, not just cancer patients. One word can describe the most important aspect of this Treatment Center – Compassion. Compassion flowing from doctor to patient can be as healing as the many medicines the patient must take. The MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center makes it possible for the patient to receive this emotional boost along with his/her treatment, giving them the best chance of ridding themselves of their cancer, no matter what kind, thus allowing their wish of healing to come true.

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