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Isotonic Mattress Topper - Why Isotonic Mattress Toppers are Still the Best

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Why Isotonic Mattress Toppers Are Still the Best

Routinely people look at their budgets and consider the big ticket items that they will purchase that year. Thousands of dollars go into vacations, clothing, and cars. However, one aspect of everyone’s daily life is often overlooked: your mattress.

Think about it. You spend tens of thousands on your car. You set aside hundreds for that dream vacation. But what about your mattress? How many more hours do you spend there than anywhere else?

On average, most people spend between five and eight hours sleeping. That’s thirty-five to fifty-six hours out of the week in bed, a significant portion of time. Cars and clothing can’t compete. Yet, when you think about spending money, the mattress sits at the bottom of the purchase list as something you consider once every five or ten years.

A good bed equates to good health, the best investment you could make in life. But the mattress isn’t enough at times, offering structure but lacking comfort. Isotonic mattress toppers create the best environment for your weekly thirty-five to fifty-six hour sleep schedule.

Also known as memory foam, Isotonic mattress toppers are made from viscoelastic material which was originally created by NASA. Visco works by customizing your bed to your body and alleviating pressure points as well as aches and pains. During the night, your body generates heat usually from the head, shoulders, hips, and feet. As the temperature rises, the mattress topper compresses and molds to each curve of your body. Slowly, the viscoelastic material lowers and cradles your body, easing the pressure on joints. While the mattress topper cradles your body, your spine maintains a neutral and relaxed position so that you don’t wake up stiff. Throughout your sleep, the Isotonic mattress topper makes continual adjustments to your body’s needs regardless of whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach. In this way, circulation is improved. Tossing and turning are decreased and you sustain a longer, deeper sleep. The material is so supremely gentle and effective that some hospitals have even used it for burn patients or those who are bedridden.

Since the Isotonic mattress topper is made from viscoelastic foam, it is hypoallergenic. The material actually guards against bacteria, dust, and dust mites. The mattress topper is not only beneficial for people with asthma but for those who suffer from allergies and hay fever. Each mattress topper also comes with a removable cover that is machine washable and dryer safe. The entire line of Istonic mattress toppers offers something for any budget or need. Available in thicknesses from 1 ½ to 4 inches, the toppers fit all standard sizes including twin extra long and California king. Of course since it is a mattress topper, each Isotonic has corner straps to affix it to your support mattress. Corresponding with the sizes, the mattress topper’s density will range from 2 ½ to 4 pounds per cubic foot.

Though an Isotonic mattress topper may seem to be just an added expense, you should realize that your mattress was designed to primarily offer support not necessarily the soft comfort of a good night’s rest. With these mattress toppers, you make an investment that is long term. Since the Isotonic mattress topper works via its memory foam, it doesn’t rely on mechanical or structural adjusts. This naturally elongates the durability of the mattress topper, an advantage and bonus to the product.

So when you look at your budget consider the difference a good night’s rest has on your well being, health, and just simply your mood. If you only buy a bed once every so often, make your money go the distance: buy a mattress that offers the best support and the Isotonic mattress topper that provides premium comfort as well.

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