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Sharp Microwave Parts - When to Replace Sharp Microwave Parts

installed door glass turntable

Sharp microwave ovens have a reputation for being sturdy, reliable and durable. In the event one should become damaged, there are Sharp microwave parts that are easy for a homeowner to replace. While the quick answer for a counter top model is to buy a new one, it might be easier to repair a Sharp microwave installed under a counter or range hood.

Sharp microwave parts that break the easiest are the turntables. Also called carousel trays, these glass dishes sit on revolving arms on the bottom of the microwave and rotate the food to keep it heating evenly. While a quick wipe down will suffice if they only rotated cups of water or bags of popcorn, a good splatter of bacon grease or slop from a cup of soup will require them being removed for cleaning. Glass gets slippery when wet. Regretfully the most common damage is a chip or crack from the plate being dropped. In this case the turntable should be replaced. A break in the glass may modify the way the microwaves bounce about the oven and change the consistency of the heating process.

The turntable roller assembly is also a good part for homeowner replacement. Spilled food, especially in units installed above one’s head, often gums this up. If they are not cleaned regularly, material can stick to the rollers or in the rotating assembly and keep the turntable from moving. The result may be unevenly heated foods. Replacement is easy, requiring few tools and a sturdy cleaning cloth.

Doors have many parts that can fail together or individually. Should the glass or the frame on the door be damaged, replace the entire door. It is too difficult to separate the parts and reassemble them properly. If the latch or the return spring fails, one has the option of ordering Sharp microwave parts to replace them individually. The button spring is made of metal and the greatest challenge is holding onto it. Depending on the Sharp microwave model the part can be quite small. The latch or open lever tends to be made of plastic and so cracks easily with repeated use. Nearby is a bracket that holds two door interlock switches. These switches determine the seal on the door and prevent the oven from starting if it is below factory specifications. If one is changing out the latch, take a good look at the switches. It is possible they were damaged at the same time and installing once is better than repairing three times.

Some other Sharp microwave parts that are exceptionally easy to replace include the air filter, light bulb, turntable hub and the vent grill. These require few if any tools and normally consist of removing one part of the microwave case, pulling out the old part, slipping in the new one and reattaching the casing. The hardest part of these jobs is reaching an overhead unit. Use a step stool. It keeps ones arms at shoulder level and prevents ones arms from falling asleep.

Some do it yourself homeowners pride themselves on being quite handy with electronic equipment. If this is the case, one may feel confident taking on replacing a fuse or the cooling fan. While generic tutorials are available on the Internet, one should be sure to use Sharp microwave parts. Fuses and fans are manufactured to fit each model of microwave. An after market fuse may not be robust enough to handle a microwave power surge and an off-brand fan may not fit properly in the housing. Slight variations in either of these can damage the oven beyond repair.

It is never recommended for a homeowner to repair or replace the magnetron or high voltage capacitor. These channel a great deal of power and could be dangerous if incorrectly installed. For all of their apparent simplicity, microwave ovens are complex machines. Besides, it will cost less to call a qualified technician than to dismantle the cabinet or range hood.

Replacing Sharp microwave parts with those the manufacturer recommends guarantees quality materials and workmanship. Doing it oneself allows one the pride of a job well done and the use of the permanently installed microwave for many years to come.

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over 1 year ago

I purchased my Sharp R-230BK 120 Vac 60 hz A9.5 and it is still working just fine - I just need to know whether it's 900 or 1100 volts

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almost 2 years ago

I need part # JBTN-B053MRFO.
Sharp Microwave Mod. #R1850A'
Part is "Open Door Button." (black)
I would like to walk in, order or pick up the part from a parts store that carries Sharp.
My Zip Code is 77380.
Anywhere near my location to purchase Sharp Replacement parts?
Thank you, Bob Wernimont

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almost 2 years ago

Have a Sharp 1999 microwave convection oven Mod. # R1850A. My zip code is 77380. I would like to pick up a door open button JPTN-

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over 4 years ago

We have a 1985 Sharp carousel microwave and after 27 yrs the light went out. Could you please help us locate/purchase a new light/assembly for the microwave.We reside at Cold Lake Alberta. Thankyou