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London Job Agencies - How London Job Agencies Work

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If one lives in London and is looking for a job, it’s a good idea to know how London job agencies work. A recruiting agency is the go-between a candidate looking for a job and a company looking to hire workers. London job agencies typically have two customers, their client, otherwise known as the employer and the candidate, or contractor. Obviously, the client is the more important customer of the two for the job agency. At the same time, if well qualified contractors are in limited supply then the significance of the contractor increases. If, however, the numbers of contractors are more than the jobs available, then their value decreases.

The function of London job agencies is to match the jobseekers with the positions announced by the employers (their clients). This can be achieved by arranging an interview of the contractor with the employer, or just passing the contractor’s C.V to the client. In some cases, the agency chooses the right contractor for the job themselves on behalf of the client.

A job agency is a business out to make money, and they make money by charging their clients for providing a service. Most London job agencies charge a predetermined proportion of the contractor’s starting salary for providing the client with the contractor. So if the starting salary is £10,000. and it was agreed that the agency would be paid 10% of this amount, then the agency would get £1,000. If the recruitment agency places a transitory worker, then they charge more than the hourly rate and pay the worker themselves. For example they may charge the client £10.00 and pay the temporary employee £7.00. It should be kept in mind that agencies are not in business to advance the careers of the contractors; if that does happen then consider it a bonus. They are in business to earn money and they do it by matching an employer with an employee.

Before going to a recruiting agency, certain points should be kept in mind. They will try to place a contractor in a position that the contractor has gained experience in. While this is the sensible route in most cases, what if a contractor is in search of a new field and lacks sufficient experience? Then the contractor may be out of luck with agencies and have to find other methods of finding a job! The downside to trying to find a job on one’s own is that more and more placements are taking place through agencies. Agencies know of vacancies that are not advertised. This means finding a job independently is not going to be easy, as more and more companies are going through agents.

Using a job agency can be beneficial when the contractor is already working full time and there is no time to find and apply to jobs. Most London job agencies are specialist agencies, meaning that different agencies recruit for specific fields. These specialized job hunters can offer input about their area of expertise. If the contractor is coming from out of town, work can be arranged before arrival; doing so saves valuable time.

When applying for a job through a London job agency the first step in the process is to provide the agency with a CV that is specific for the work sector in which the job is being sought. Inform the agency of any restricting factors, if there are any. Be sure to inform the agency if there are places where the CV should not be sent. Lastly keep pursuing the agency for updates by ringing or dropping in the agency office.

How quickly the job is found is something that cannot be answered. There is a possibility the job might be found within days or never! So it is essential that one agency is not relied upon, and various methods of job searching should be employed.

One final word on using an employment agency to find a job is to be prepared to make compromises. Knowing that the agency also needs to look out for the needs of the employer and not just for the person looking for a job will make things easier to understand, should something go wrong.

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