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Auto Window Glass - Replacing Auto Window Glass

car windows rear replacement

It happens when one is least expecting it. A rock kicks up and nicks the windshield and the next thing one knows, a crack is snaking its way across the glass. A car swerves and hits another, shattering a passenger window. A windstorm tears a tree branch free and deposits it through the rear car window. Eventually, everyone must know how to choose replacement auto window glass.

Windshields were originally thin plates of glass no different from those used for building windows or table tops. Eventually it became clear to safety experts that something had to be done to prevent glass from shattering all over car passengers in the event of a crash or other failure. Windshields were redesigned to be two layers of glass surrounding a thin and see-through layer of vinyl. This laminated glass still shatters when struck with enough force, but sticks to its inside layer instead of scattering all over.

Rear and side windows are a different construction entirely. Since seldom is anyone looking directly at a rear or side window when it shatters, there is less need for the protection of laminated glass. Instead, these auto windows are made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is heated and shaped into its form, then super heated and abruptly cooled. The advantage to this treatment is the brittle nature of the glass. Instead of cracking and breaking into dangerous and large sized shards, tempered glass shatters into small pieces and scatters to the ground or over the trunk of the car. The pieces are less sharp than standard glass and thus cause less damage even if they do hit a passenger or pedestrian.

Before one can replace auto window glass one must decide between dealer glass, manufactured original equipment and after market glass. Dealer glass is auto window glass made by the same manufacturer as the original glass that shipped from the factory. It is the most expensive but also often the best choice because it is guaranteed to fit the open space. Sometimes it is no longer available because the automobile company has changed suppliers. In that case the replacement suggested by the dealer will be manufactured original equipment. That means it is made to the same specifications as the factory glass but constructed by a different glass company. The final option, after market auto window glass, is usually the least expensive option and promises safety but does not come with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Once that decision is made, the car owner needs to decide if he or she would like to add tinting. If the glass as ordered has no option for tinting, one can ask the auto shop installer to add it. Be aware that windshields must allow for the driver to have a clear view so tend to be dark up near the visors and much lighter in the body of the windshield. Tinting is also available for replacement rear and side windows. It is a popular choice of the rich and famous to tint their auto window glass dark enough to keep people in the next car from seeing in. Check local traffic laws to be sure it is legal to obstruct visibility before choosing a tint this dark. In some areas police officers must be able to approach the vehicle and see inside it from a distance or the driver is liable for a ticket.

Some people are fortunate enough to escape the need to replace the entire windshield or window. In those circumstances, skilled technicians may be willing to come to a home or office and do the repair work. The auto window glass will need to be cleaned and dried. Then the technician can spray a clear resin into the nick or small crack and restore the integrity of the glass. These repairs can last for years unless one runs into a larger piece of gravel.

Auto window glass has developed over the years to provide the highest level of safety available for the people who ride in an automobile. Should it fail, there are several options to repair or replace it. Trained glass replacement technicians can provide invaluable advice for selecting the best auto window glass for the job.

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