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Memory Mattress Pad - How Does a Memory Mattress Pad Work?

foam body bed pads

Mattress pads are a very common bed accessory. They are bought specifically to be placed on top of an existing mattress.

A mattress pad can be placed on top of a mattress for a number of reasons. One reason is to retain the cleanliness of a mattress for a longer period of time. When used for this purpose, the mattress pad simply acts as a buffer between the sheets and the mattress. This is especially useful for young children or elderly people who may have issues with bed wetting.

However, often mattress pads are instead added to give a person extra support and comfort while sleeping. Most usually, a memory mattress pad will be purchased for this purpose.

Memory mattress pads are composed of something called memory foam. Memory foam is a relatively recent invention. Similar to many other great inventions, this foam was first developed by NASA for use by astronauts. It was first conceptualized by NASA as a way to fight the negative effects acceleration on the human body. This idea was discarded though due to the fact that the foam emits very small amounts of gas that could prove harmful in an enclosed air supply. Thankfully, there is no such danger for people living on Earth, and the technology was soon applied to mattress pads for use in the bedroom.

The memory foam that makes up a memory mattress pad works by responding to changes in temperature. When a higher temperature is applied to the foam, the foam will alter its consistency by becoming softer. This is why when someone lies on a memory mattress pad, the parts where the body comes into contact with the pad become much more like a cushion than other surrounding parts of the pad.

However, memory foam does more than just create a cushion. It also conforms to the specific contours of a person’s body. As a warm object is pressed against the foam, it will soften and create an indentation in same shape with in the pad. Due to this response by the foam, it creates an indentation in the exact shape of the person lying on top of it.

Due to this amazing quality of the memory foam, it can provide a level of comfort and support that is unmatched by nearly any other kind of mattress pad. Unlike other mattress pads that may try to match the contours of the human body, a memory mattress pad will always be able to match the exact shape of an individual’s body.

This design allows certain pressure points in the body, such as those that exist along the back, spine, legs, and shoulders, to become much more relaxed than they would normally. It also relieves the stress one usually places on the skeletal system while resting on other much more rigid and nonconforming surfaces. For these reasons, using a memory mattress pad may be an excellent idea for those who experience back pain or ailments that affect the bones and joints such as arthritis.

Even better yet, the memory foam reacts to a person’s movements during sleep. For example, if you toss and turn while in bed, the foam will realign itself to conform to the position you have switched to in bed. This guarantees that no matter what position you may end up in during the night the foam will adjust to provide you with the exact same amount of comfort and support.

In fact, memory mattress pads actually decrease the possibility of tossing and turning in bed. Often, a person does this, sometimes unconsciously, to find the most comfortable position to achieve a more restful sleep. However, the pressure is evenly distributed through out a memory mattress pad. Due to this fact, a person is much less likely to reposition him or herself in bed during the night.

Due to the more restful sleep a person can achieve due to the even pressure and body conforming properties of the foam, it allows many people to achieve a much deeper REM sleep than they would be able to achieve through a normal mattress pad. For this reason, using a memory mattress pad can improve a person’s health in addition comfort.

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