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Software Hard Drive Recovery - Selecting Hard Drive Recovery Software

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Recovering data from a damaged hard drive is an emotional experience. One is worried that family memories or financial records have been lost forever. A little planning soon after purchasing a new computer can save hours of heart ache. All it takes is finding the right software for hard drive recovery.

The first issue to consider is the computer operating system. PC and Macintosh computers operating systems are not compatible and so few hard drive recovery software programs are cross platform. If one does claim to work for both types of computers, make sure it has a reliable and knowledgeable support team backing it up. Regardless of platform, a good software will have a clear help or frequently asked questions file. Ideally, the company will provide live support through email, chat screens or telephone calls. Seldom do information technology technicians feel comfortable with both platforms so ask for one who specializes in the operating system in question.

Macintosh computers have some special considerations before one can choose software for hard disk recovery. Many of the applications have a minimum random access memory or processor requirement. Because of the way the Apple operating system works, the processor must be robust enough to facilitate all the actions the software takes. Older Macintosh computers with less than 600 megahertz computer speed will not be supported by most over the counter hard drive recovery software programs. These computers will need upgrading before installation. If it is too late, take the computer to a qualified technician to recover the damaged hard drive data.

Any Macintosh user who has a faster processor will find ample options for software. Hard disk recovery can include retrieving files that have been deleted. Disks that have partition errors, formatting errors or bad sectors are also recoverable. Find a program that supports the file system like FAT or HFS of the failed computer. These must be compatible to be sure no data is lost. Some Macintosh hard drive recovery software programs provide extras, like maintenance programs. These may include disk defragmentation or file repair programs. Finally one of the long touted advantages of the Macintosh operating system is its ease of use. Find a software for hard disk recovery that is also simple to operate. If the features are difficult to locate, an already emotional experience will degenerate into frustration quickly.

PC hard disk recovery software has different considerations. Speed of processing or amount of random access memory available is never listed in the specifications of the software. Hard disk recovery on the PC should provide support for external hard drives whether they connect by usb, serial or scsi ports. The sources of files to be recovered from a PC come from all over the hard disk. They may be emails, encrypted or compressed files, files left in the recycle bin or those damaged by a virus, a power outage or a network failure. A feature good PC hard disk recovery software programs have is the ability to create image files. Sometimes called “ghost” disks, these image files are snapshots of the hard disk at the moment it is saved to another hard drive. As an exact copy, it can restore everything to the condition of the last save point. The only lost data will be that which was added since the last back-up.

Restoring from an unbootable disk is a feature unique to the PC. It allows the computer user to remove the damaged hard disk, place it as “slave” on another computer and then run the hard disk recovery software from an external source like a usb drive. As long as the software is not installed on the damaged drive, this process allows the user with two computers to salvage the information off the damaged hard drive directly onto the second computer. Removing hard disks from an Apple is not recommended except by a qualified technician, so no unbootable software hard disk recovery systems for the Macintosh are available.

Computers are delicate pieces of machinery that do occasionally fail. These failures may be minor or catastrophic. Reliable software for hard drive recovery is a necessity that no one can ignore. It provides data security and user peace of mind.

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