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Taking a car to an auto repair shop is a chore no one enjoys. The time and expense can take a real chunk out of a budget. Some auto repair can be done at home for less cost and less time. All it takes is a good set of tools, a book that maps out the automobile layout and some affordable auto repair parts.

The most affordable parts are used. They can be found online or most commonly at a pick-your-part junk yard. The advantage to these parts is that they are still attached to cars similar to the one being repaired so one has the opportunity to see where and how they are installed. The disadvantage is the part is on a car that has been junked. If it is the reason behind the abandonment, it could prove to be a disappointment once installed at home. However, if the cars have been kept out of the elements, it lacks rust or other corroding substances and it is not the reason behind the original car breakdown, one stands a good chance it will work. Choosing this sort of auto repair part may be financially economical but requires time, effort and a little bit of luck. Used auto repair parts are handy for replacing decorative items or items that have little to do with the safety of the vehicle. Especially on older vehicles whose parts are no longer made, the junk yard can provide emblems, door handles and glove department boxes of a decent quality and reasonable price.

Another option is to purchase rebuilt auto repair parts. One can take one’s broken part to a skilled mechanic who will replace areas that show wear. If the part is just too damaged, another part off a similar make or model car can be used as a core and then modified to fit instead. The rebuilt part still has elements that are old that can also begin to wear and give out. There is also the possibility that the part will wear unevenly due to some new and some aged materials rubbing against each other. In many ways this is cheaper and faster than taking an entire vehicle in for work, but it is not always a long-lasting fix. Rebuilding an engine is actually common, especially if the rebuild has to do with replacing rubber seals and o-rings.

A re-manufactured part seems to be the best option for saving time and money. Re-manufactured means it is constructed from the base up to specifications published for the original part. That means the tolerance for error is the same, the size and dimensioning are the same and the quality should be the same as the original equipment manufacturer recommended. These auto repair parts are more expensive than the two previously mentioned, but still cost less than dealer parts. There is no search and pull time, nor time waiting for a mechanic to refurbish. They are available off the internet or off the shelf for installation. If a head is cracked or a piston is bent, it is wiser to go with a dealer or re-manufactured part. Something that integral to the quality of the engine should have manufacturer’s approval to provide peace of mind.

One can even choose after market parts. These auto repair parts are designed to fit multiple cars rather than one specific make or model. These can be safely installed and work well without any fear of damage to the vehicle. However they lack the guidelines as established by the manufacturer for tolerances and durability guarantees and therefore may not last as long as a manufacturer approved part. Using after market parts to replace windshield wipers, window seals or air conditioning hoses will not have a negative affect on the effectiveness of the engine. The differences in tolerance or quality should be negligible.

Do it yourself mechanics have many options even in a world of automobile engines with computer chips. Take the part to a local auto repair store where it can be tested to determine if it is salvageable. Those that are can go to a mechanic for rebuilding. Otherwise, choose the auto repair part that fits one’s time and budget.

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