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Peoria Arizona Homes - Best Reasons to Buy Homes in Peoria, Arizona

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Peoria, Arizona is an absolutely fabulous place to live. Home to a wide variety of attractions and things to do, people of all ages and background are sure to enjoy visiting and living in Peoria. More and more people are now moving to Peoria. They are easily attracted to this vibrant, busting town full of great sports, entertainment, outdoor activities, neighborhoods and people. This article will help educate you about all the best reasons to buy homes in Peoria, Arizona, so you can get your purchase in ahead of the pack.

Perhaps the greatest reason for people buying homes is Peoria is all of the great outdoor activities it has to offer. It is located on the shores of Arizona’s second biggest lake, Lake Pleasant. Lake Pleasant is more than 10,000 acres in size. It offers an abundance of outdoor activities, including boating, fishing, camping, RV accommodations, sailing, jet skiing, and water skiing. The lake holds such a special place in the heart of Peoria’s residents that it is referred to as the “Jewel in the Desert.”

One of the neatest attractions at Lake Pleasant is the Desert Outdoor Learning Center. This amazing site is a wonderful location for group activities, such as weddings, retreats and family reunions. It exists for educational purposes, teaching about topics that include dinosaurs, stargazing, desert life, and hiking. It is a huge draw with the local schools.

For baseball fans, the best reason to buy homes in Peoria, Arizona is spring training. The Peoria Sports Complex hosts spring training for two major league teams, the San Diego Padres and the Seattle Mariners. It holds a main stadium that seats more than 11,000. It also has 12 practice fields, 4 half fields, 8 major league hitting tunnels, 30 practice mound galleries, and 12 minor league hitting tunnels. There are 2 40,000 sq. ft. clubhouses with over 400 lockers. It is a serious facility that caters to the professional athletes that use it every spring.

When not being used for baseball, the Peoria Sports Complex is a huge draw for all other sorts of events. In turn, these events are a huge draw for people looking to buy homes in Peoria, Arizona. It hosts beer festivals, used car expos, fun runs, family festivals, and balloon expos, home and garden shows, concerts, arts and crafts festivals, charity events and private functions. No matter what time of the year it is, the Peoria Sports Complex will be featuring an event sure to pack in the crowds.

Another huge draw for people looking in Peoria to buy homes is the Challenger Space Center of Arizona. This is an awe-inspiring memorial to the astronauts who gave their lives in the name of exploration during that fateful space shuttle flight on January 28, 1986. Its quoted mission is to “inspire, excite and educate people of all ages about the mysteries and wonders of space, science and the universe in which we live.”

Arizona’s abundance of outdoor recreation activities is another of the best reasons to buy homes in Peoria. There is the aforementioned Lake Pleasant. Peoria has an abundance of parks for its residents, including a number of dog-friendly parks. Peoria also offers many miles of hiking and biking trails. There are three city pools available for the pleasure of residents and visitors.

Perhaps the most famous outdoor activity in Arizona is golf, and Peoria is no exception to that. There are sixteen different courses either in the city proper, or within a short drive. The levels of the courses cover every golfing skill level, from weekend hacker to Tiger Woods.

Peoria’s fast-growing reputation as one of the gourmet capitals of Arizona is another reason people are buying homes there. The area in and around the Arrowhead Fountain Center has an incredibly high concentration of gourmet experiences. Every kind of cuisine is represented, including Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, French, Italian, steaks, American, and Southwestern. There are also a number of family-friendly restaurants in Peoria, as well as sports bars.

Before the prices shoot through the roof, hurry to get one of the homes in Peoria, Arizona now. They are sure to become more and more difficult to find as word of Peoria’s excellence spreads.

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