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Ryobi Garden Tools - An Inside Look at Ryobi Garden Tools

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When it comes to affordable gardening tools and landscape equipment, Ryobi garden tools have gained a reputation for providing today’s gardeners with the most reliable equipment available for a reasonable price. From gas lawn trimmers to cordless leaf blowers, Ryobi garden tools typically cost significantly less than other brand name garden tools yet perform just as well as more expensive tools and equipment. Most Ryobi garden tools are also popular enough that it is very easy for owners to have their tools serviced or order replacement parts if their equipment breaks down over the years. Here is an inside look at what consumers need to know about some of the most popular Ryobi garden tools.

Ryobi Cordless Electric Blower

The Ryobi cordless electric blower is easily one of the most popular Ryobi garden tools and has a five star rating at all of the leading garden tool websites. This simple leaf blower does not have all of the extra features that commercial-grade leaf blowers off, but it is easy to operate with a single hand. The Ryobi cordless electric blower is powered by a lithium ion battery that will last for hours on a single charge.

Ryobi Hedge Trimmer

Nothing quite brings a landscape into focus like some well-groomed hedges, and the Ryobi hedge trimmer gives today’s home owners the ability to complete this garden chore extremely easily. There are two different Ryobi hedge trimmers on the market, including a lithium ion hedge trimmer and a gas powered model. Both models come with a 18-inch blade made out of hardened steel. The gas powered trimmer is perfect for gardeners who do a high volume of trimming, while the battery powered trimmer is less expensive and designed for more casual gardeners.

Ryobi 48 Volt Powered Mower

Gardeners with small to medium sized lawns can save a considerable amount of time and money by purchasing a Ryobi 48 Volt Powered Mower instead of a traditional gas powered mowing machine. This self propelled mower is much safer to operate than most lawn mowers due to the 2 step operation that makes it nearly impossible to start the mower by accident. The Ryobi electric mower can be set to either collect clippings for mulch or discharge them through a side vent. The unit also has a battery gauge that notifies users when the mower needs to be recharged.

Ryobi Touchstart Brush Cutter

The Ryobi Touchstart brush cutter is an easy to use garden tool that has a wide range of applications in the home garden, especially when it comes to maintaining the appearance of the borders of your property. Unlike some Ryobi garden tools, the Ryobi Touchstart brush cutter can be started with the touch of a button instead of fumbling a choke and pull cord. This device is also compatible with the many Expand It Ryobi garden tools, such as the line trimmer attachment, pruner attachment, edger attachment and cultivator attachment.

Ryobi Gas Powered Chainsaw

Virtually all gardeners who have a large amount of property to attend to occasionally need access to a decent chainsaw, and the Ryobi gas powered chainsaw is the perfect piece of equipment for property owners who want to tackle heavy duty home improvement projects. The Ryobi gas powered chainsaw has considerable more strength than electric Ryobi garden tools while being the perfect size for the average consumer.

Ryobi One+ AutoShift Combo Kit

If you are looking for a powerful and portable combo tool that will long-lasting rechargeable batteries that will let you complete multiple outdoor projects in one session, the Ryobi One+ AutoShift Combo Kit is right for you. This four piece combo kit has all of the Ryobi garden tools that you will need in order to complete outdoor gardening projects like building trellises or garden borders and repairing fences. The Ryobi One+ AutoShift Combo Kit includes an AutoShift drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw and worklight.

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