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White Gold Hoops - Buying White Gold Hoops

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Hoop earrings are a trend that never seem to go out of fashion, and on top of that, come in all colors, sizes and varieties. Despite falling into the same general category of “hoop earrings,” there is an extremely wide variety within this particular type of earring. One can buy them with or without jewels, heavy or barely there, and constructed from almost any material ranging from cheap imitation paper clip wire to the finest and most expensive golds. White gold hoops in particular are highly sought after. Why might this be? For one thing, white gold hoops have a remarkable shine to them, the color of which is perhaps comparable only to fine silver. However, white gold hoops are of a higher quality than their silver counterparts. Ergo, their wearers need not worry over petty concerns such as tarnish or other conditional problems that often plague silver jewelry.

In order to better understand the appeal of white gold hoops, potential buyers should have a better understanding of, first of all, what exactly white gold is, and second of all, how this wonderful material is made! Simply put, white gold is almost precisely what it says on the tin. That is, white gold materials – such as say, white gold hoops – are made from an alloy of gold that contains at least one, if not more, white metal. Examples of suitable metals for this mix include, but are not limited to, palladium or nickel. Sometimes, manganese is also a popular choice for the composition of white gold in particular.

Within the rather broad category of white gold itself, there is often some variation in terms of its exact properties, which inform how a particular type of white gold is used. For instance, nickel alloy tends to be very firm and physically hard to the touch, which makes nickel based white gold ideal for certain kinds of jewelry, such as rings and pins. On the other hand, the gold palladium variety of white gold is much softer and has the advantage of a good deal of pliability. This makes gold palladium perfect for white gold gemstone settings. On the down side, gold palladium’s extreme softness can also sometimes prove to be a liability. As a result, gold palladium often need to be used in combination with tougher metals such as copper, platinum, or silver. This fortifies the jewelry’s durability and weight, but the combination of these metals is a difficult and delicate process which often requires highly specialized goldsmiths in order to produce a successfully wrought piece of jewelry.

The most commonly produced variety of white gold normally contains approximately ninety percent pure gold, and ten percent nickel. Often, copper is added for the sake of augmenting the material’s malleability, which tends to be a rather important quality in delicate jewelry. Moreover, contrary to what the name of “white” gold might suggest, that typically pale, silver coloring is not always its natural sheen. In the precious metals industry, the word “white” can cover quite a spectrum of colors, ranging from the palest yellows to slightly rosy tints. Due to the appeal of a more traditionally “white” sheen or coloring, such off white colors are frequently disguised by jewelers and craftsmen using rhodium plating. Ergo, the most common color of white gold is very often actually the color of rhodium plating. On general terms, this does not decrease the value of the piece if it is carefully crafted.

Now, on a more aesthetic, less technical level, white gold has a great deal of aesthetic appeal to most jewelry and earring enthusiasts. Why might this be? In essence, due to the more neutral color of the shine – as opposed to say, the more familiar yellow gold – white gold hoops are easy to match with almost anything. They can be worn on the most casual of occasions, paired with such basics as a pair of cargo pants and a tank top of indeterminate color, but look equally acceptable when couples with a black velvet cocktail dress – or perhaps something in between those two extremes, such as business casual trousers and button downs, or even a business formal suit for women.

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