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Hotels Glenwood Springs - The Interesting Thing About Hotels In Glenwood Springs

it’s colorado traveler attractions

Colorado has a reputation for spectacular scenery and incredible adventure. This is an accurate description, but there are certain areas of Colorado that exceed expectations. One of these areas is Glenwood Springs, which is in northwest Colorado and surrounded by mountains. Add the Colorado River and Roaring Fork River and this type of terrain allows for some of the most exciting natural activities in the country. Kayaking and rafting are the most popular river activities, and mountain biking is also popular in the warmer months. Once the snow hits, skiers travel from all around to stay and ski in Glenwood Springs. But Glenwood Springs is not just a great place to visit for adventurers. There are also some superb attractions. The most popular attractions are the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Glenwood Caverns, and nearby Yampa Hot Springs.

The hotels in Glenwood Springs are unique in the sense that the highest rated hotels cost the least and the lowest rated hotels cost the most. This might not make much sense, but it’s a fact. And it’s something that any traveler would be wise to take advantage of. Staying at a more affordable Glenwood Springs hotel will leave you with more money to spend. The attractions and activities in the area don’t cost much, but there are dozens of great restaurants and stores you will end up visiting.

We’ll start with the most famous hotel in Glenwood Springs, which is also the most expensive. The Hotel Colorado has a traveler rating of 3 stars. For a hotel that has an average nightly rate above $250, this is not impressive. The biggest complaint for this hotel is that there is no air conditioning. Other complaints have been in regards to broken locks on doors, stained upholstery on chairs, not enough parking, and rude employees. Needless to say, this won’t be your best option. If by chance you desire staying at this historic hotel, the address is 526 Pine Street. The phone number is 800-544-3998.

The Hotel Denver is a much different story. Out of all the hotels in Glenwood Springs to choose from, this one has the best location. It’s within walking distance to attractions, restaurants, and shopping. It’s also convenient to the train station and only 4 miles from the airport. The Hotel Denver has a traveler rating of 4 stars. The price is also considerably less than at the Hotel Colorado. This hotel looks like a brewery from the outside, which is ironic considering there is a brewery right next door. The inside of the hotel is more impressive. While the rooms are small, they are well thought out. Many guests appreciate the private sitting area the most. There is a pool and pets are allowed. The address for the Hotel Denver is 402 7th Street. The phone number is 970-945-6565.

The Hampton Inn Glenwood Springs is around the same price as the Hotel Colorado, which is on the low end of moderate. This hotel also has a 4-star traveler rating. The amenities here include an indoor pool, a Jacuzzi, child care services, and a fitness center. They also offer complimentary coffee and newspapers in the lobby. There is nothing extravagant about this hotel, but it’s clean, convenient, affordable, and one of the best Hampton Inn hotels out there. The address is 401 West First Street. The phone number is 970-947-9400.

All of the Glenwood Springs hotels listed above are situated in the same area. This happens to be a very convenient area, which is right in the center of town. But not everyone wants to stay in the center of town. One of the most scenic Glenwood Springs hotels is America’s Best Value Inn – Glenwood Springs. It’s a few miles west of downtown and right off I-70. The views of the mountains from this hotel are awesome. But it’s not just the views that impress; it’s pretty much everything. The nightly rate here is an average of $20 less than the two Glenwood Springs hotels listed above. In addition to that, everything is kept clean and the service is great. There are only 23 rooms here, so you will have to book it early. Since it’s so close to the mountains and rivers, it’s a great place for kayakers, whitewater rafters, and fishermen. The address is 51871 Highway 6. The phone number is 970-945-6279.

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