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California Houses For Sale - New California Houses for Sale Offer Buyers Individual Character

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New California Houses for Sale Offer Buyers Individual Character

The popularity of moving to California continues to entice developers to build new housing tracts throughout the state. A mild climate, job opportunities and affordable housing have created a market for new development that allows the opportunity for a variety of home styles from single family residences to condos and townhomes. Buyers who are seeking a new home will enjoy the selection of real estate in California communities that features an abundance of modern amenities and upgrades. Housing tracts that once followed a “cookie cutter” pattern now feature individual style. Attractive properties with distinctive character now typify the choice of California homes for sale in all price ranges that are suitable for families, singles and senior adults.

Where once owners within California subdivisions took years to create a personalized residence, new homebuyers may now move into their home and know that it has a different look than their next door neighbor’s house. Many new homes feature distinct architectural details that create a unique and individual appearance despite being within a planned housing tract. The developers and architects building new California houses for sale are aware of buyer’s preferences for individuality and incorporate exterior trim details, varying colors and roof designs.

Typical Exterior Amenities in New California Housing Projects

Within many new California housing tracts, both two-story and single-story properties are situated on the same street. Homes are spaced at different angles with some residences featuring garages that face the street and others incorporating a side entry garage. Varying rooflines and different colored composition tiles create interest and variety in the neighborhood. Although stucco is still a preferred exterior finish, new California houses for sale often incorporate the use of faux stone, wood siding, shutters, columns and other distinctive details. Newer homes now feature different window shapes and sizes with some properties having bay windows while others incorporate oval or arched shapes into the design.

Californians appreciate having an outdoor living space and newer homes are equipped with gas hookups for barbeques and electrical outlets for lighting. Several well-known architects incorporate wraparound porches into their designs giving their projects a nostalgic appearance. Desirable California homes feature gazebos, pergolas and patio covers that create an inviting outdoor area that is often used year-round. Patios that feature flagstone, brick and stamped concrete are popular additions to new housing tracts.

Typical Interior Amenities in New California Housing Projects

In addition to distinctive exterior styles, new California houses for sale include a choice of floor plans and individual interior features. Buyers who purchase a home under construction often have the choice of modifying the layout, for example, to include an additional bedroom rather than another bay in the garage. Homes in newer California development projects may feature interior columns, the choice of a great room or a more traditional formal dining room. Many homes are designed to add built-in entertainment centers or additional closet space and storage areas. New California homes typically feature high ceilings and extensive windows that create a light, airy interior space.

Buyers purchasing new homes in California have the advantage of enjoying upgraded kitchens and bathrooms that feature solid countertop construction using granite or composites materials. Developers understand that buyers are looking for contemporary amenities that project a clean look and that offers easy maintenance. Many new projects give owners the option to choose from various patterns and colors that guarantee that each home will have a different interior appearance. Although individual style is a preferred approach for developers, basic features that include quality central heating and air conditioning systems are a prerequisite.
Buyers will find energy efficient appliances and drought tolerant landscaping within many locations in California.

When subdivisions first arrived on the market, the trend involved quick production techniques and inexpensive housing construction. Today, purchasing an affordable new home is still important but buyers are now more concerned with owning a home that portrays individual character. With the availability of newer materials such as preformed exterior trim, a variety of economical composites and imported wood products, architects and contractors have more choices. Buyers of California houses for sale can now find a home that suits their personal taste and lifestyle.

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