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Grass Valley Hotels - Find a Grass Valley Hotel

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California was known in the 1800’s for its gold rush. From the gold rush, there were many towns established in and around the state of California, but many would eventually die out once the dust settled from the great westward movement. Over the last century, some of these towns have given way to larger metropolitan areas while some have become virtually deserted. However, there are a few towns in the California area, such as Grass Valley, that have survived and been revived by people who understand the value of these little gold rush towns. These towns have become great areas to visit as one can learn about society and culture that created the town during the years of gold fever. There are many activities and museums visitors can see when they visit Grass Valley along with a number of hotels and motels where guests can stay.
Comfort and Style
For those that need to have accommodations with a sense of style and class, one should not overlook the quaint and charming Holbrooke Hotel and Restaurant. This hotel is as old as the gold rush itself and boasts two presidential signatures in its guestbook. The hotel resembles the same style of building one may have seen during the mid 1800’s, which gives its guests the feeling that he or she is living in a different time. The Holbrooke Hotel and Restaurant offers its guests a number of amenities, which include a private room furnished in an antique setting but coupled with new age features. Each room comes with its own private bath, cable television, internet access service, a coffee maker with tea and coffee compliments of the house, ironing board with iron, and a number of other guests amenities. Not only does the Holbrooke Hotel and Restaurant feature very comfortable accommodations, but it also boasts some of the best food in Grass Valley at its in-house restaurant.
After arrival, guests can choose to sit back in one of the antique claw foot tubs and order room service or venture down to the restaurant for dishes such as beef, poultry, and occasionally exotic game. The Holbrooke Hotel and Restaurant is one of the most sought after places of lodging within the town of Grass Valley. Although rates are very reasonable for all that it offers, guests are encouraged to make reservations far in advance based on the fact that the Holbrooke Hotel and Restaurant fills up quickly during busy tourist seasons.
Chain Hotels
Although the town of Grass Valley is small, there have been a number of chain hotels that have taken root in the small town. For those who want to stick with what he or she knows, the Holiday Inn of Grass Valley may be the best choice. The Holiday Inn in the town of Grass Valley features all of the services that one has come to expect within the hotel chain such as in-room internet services, full cable television with some premium channels, a continental breakfast in the morning, and other amenities. The Holiday Inn offers a variety of rooms such as lodging with one or two beds in the full size, queen, and king mattresses. The Holiday Inn will also offer its guests shuttle services to and from a few of the sites around the town of Grass Valley as well as a helpful staff that can guide visitors to the many attractions of Grass Valley.
Vacation does not have to wipe out one’s checking account, and for those who are on a budget, he or she should be sure to check out the Stage Coach Inn. Named after the coming and going of the mail stages, passenger stages, and other passenger wagons that came through Grass Valley during its roaring period. The Stage Coach Inn is a small hotel of sixteen rooms. Each room has its own private bathroom and shower, cable television, and a number of other amenities that one would find at other hotel chains. There are many options that one has to choose from for lodging when visiting the popular town of Grass Valley. By booking in advance, one will find what he or she needs without any last minute hassle.

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