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Duluth Minnesota Hotels - Booking a Duluth Minnesota Hotel

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The city of Duluth Minnesota has become both a popular destination for travelers in the United States as well as people from all over the world. Because of this newfound attraction to the city, there are many Duluth Minnesota hotels to choose from. The area has experienced a large amount of growth over the last three decades due to many people looking to vacation in an area on or near the Great Lakes. Duluth Minnesota is located on the largest Great Lake in the United States: Lake Superior. Lake Superior offers world class water activities, many of which are enjoyed along coastlines throughout the world. Due to such a demand from visitors to be at or near Lake Superior, many hotels in Duluth Minnesota are concentrated on the water or at least within walking distance. For those looking for hotels in the city of Duluth Minnesota, he or she will be delighted to know that there are over 4000 hotel rooms to choose from within the greater metropolitan area. However, to get the best accommodations, one should be sure to make reservations early because this city can get very busy in almost every season of the year.

For some, there is no other way to travel than first class. Luckily, there are a number of hotels and lodging in the city of Duluth Minnesota that offer those people all of the amenities a person could want. If you are one of those people, be sure to check out The Inn on Lake Superior. The Inn on Lake Superior offers guests a stay of a lifetime in rooms that have been described as being fit for royalty. Not only are the rooms incredible, but the amount of amenities offered by the hotel are more than at posh resorts in the tropical resorts around the globe. The Inn on Lake Superior offers its guests waterfront accommodations as well as the chance to see miles of the shoreline on one of their complimentary bicycles offered at the hotel. If riding bikes is not your style, you may want to inquire about one of the waterfront carriage rides offered by the Inn on Lake Superior. However, the guest rooms are so lavishly decorated that one may not want to leave his or her room at all. Each guest room features a luxurious bed and mattress, large room for even the kids to play, a breakfast bar to fuel up in the morning hours, work areas that include wireless internet services, and many other amenities for its guests. Those looking for more relaxation should be sure to visit the European sauna, which is located on the grounds of the Inn on Lake Superior. The Inn on Lake Superior has activities for the children as well such as free smores chocolates and a nightly story time in the lobby.

Chain Hotels
Luxury may not always be for everyone, and many people choose to stick to hotels that have never failed him or her before. A sure place to stay that always guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep is the Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn features lodging that will accommodate the entire family. A large outdoor pool for the kids may be just the ticket during the night when the beach is too dark to swim. The Holiday Inn also features a number of in-house amenities such as on ground laundry services, internet hook up in every room, and cable television with a few of the premium channels. A friendly staff will help visitors to the city of Duluth Minnesota plan out their days with activities for families as well as those traveling alone or as a couple. The Holiday Inn is reasonably priced but does fill up rather quickly during times of heavy tourism. Duluth Minnesota is one of the few cities in such a cold weather environment that offers many activities to its guests in all seasons. For that reason alone, it is suggested that guests make arrangements at least fourteen days prior to their arrival to avoid vacancy issues that may arise due to special events during each season.

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