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Armed Security Jobs - Armed Security Jobs Provide Variety And An Interesting Work Day To The Candidate Who Lands The Job

guards guard protection training

Security guards permeate the atmosphere in most every place a person may choose to visit.

Retail malls, amusement parks, hospitals, and even the generic parking lot are no strangers to a team of security guards watching over the area in an attempt to keep the peace.

However, the one main factor these security guards share is that they don’t arm themselves with a weapon for protection from any type of harm a criminal inflicts while committing an illegal act.

Security guards carrying weapons therefore have one advantage above their unarmed counterparts: the arms this group of guards carry on the job provides them more protection from the masses.

Yet, the ability to have a weapon while on the job is not a privilege granted to just anyone who applies for an armed security position.

What are the requirements involved in becoming an armed security guard?
The first prerequisite is age.

Those who are interested in armed security jobs must be at least eighteen years old before they can be accepted as a guard employee.

Next, a potential applicant must obtain a license that allows him or her to work as a security guard. The process for attaining this license involves background verification and a criminal history check, a psychological evaluation in some instances, and requirements for training that must be met before the license is issued.

If the candidate is hoping to be accepted into one of the armed security jobs available, he or she is mandated to acquire other types of permits that allow the use of weapons such as guns, tasers, and pepper spray for protection on the job.

There is also additional training the individual must go through before starting as an armed security guard.
Said training involves classroom instruction in aspects of the job such as the powers of arrest and the use of weapons, as well as time spent in the field at the shooting range to practice with a gun. Furthermore, receiving instruction in both first aid methods and CPR is common to the course’s curriculum.

Armed security guards additionally have mandatory continuing education courses they must participate in on a yearly basis. These refresher classes last for eight hours, and must be completed in order for the armed security guard to keep his or her licensure valid and current.

The elevated threat of terrorism in the United States has brought about a greater need for armed security jobs. As such, applicants who are accepted will usually be expected to have finished training in newer areas such as how to disarm a bomb and how to handle a crisis and maintain crowd control in places full of people such as shopping malls or schools.

Though armed security jobs can be found at any organization that wants extra protection for either its employees, assets, or both, it is this class of guards that also qualify for the more exotic employment opportunities available.

One of these places is the gambling casino. Because casinos have such large sums of money on hand and have to transport it to the bank several times per day, armed security guards follow along on the journey to make sure the same amount of funds that left the casino building is identical to what is deposited into the corporation’s bank account.

The second locale is the jewelry store that has celebrities on its list of clientele. Not only does the store and the jewelry itself need protection from outsider damage and theft, but the customers themselves are also vulnerable to public harm due to their famous status. Armed security jobs in jewelry stores therefore give the guard the chance to watch over highly priced gems while observing well known people and their private actions at the same time.

The candidates of armed security jobs are quite frequently former members of law enforcement or discharged personnel of the military. In addition, younger applicants who have studied the field of criminal justice generally use the job as a starting off point to gain experience before becoming a police officer or a correctional officer in the jail system.

Armed security jobs provide variety and an interesting work day to the candidate who lands the job.

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