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Dirt Devil Cleaner - Pros and Cons of the Dirt Devil Cleaner

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Dirt Devil cleaners have been around for decades and have become a household name. Vacuums are essential for any home owner to suck up dust, dirt, bugs and allergens from carpets. Without them we’d be forced to live in all hard-floor homes in order to remain healthy.

Dirt Devil makes a series of vacuums suitable for a variety of tasks. All feature Dirt Devil’s MicroFresh filtration process which removes 99 percent of dust and allergens, their prime selling point. They use HEPA filters which are known for their superior performance in this area.

Here are some of the other advantages of using a Dirt Devil cleaner.

Dirt Devil cleaners are usually light weight. Their upright Featherlite vacuum is easy to push and to carry from room to room or up stairs. An exception is the upright bag less version called the Reaction which users have complained is too heavy.

The varieties of Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners include uprights, hand vacuums, stick vacuums, carpet sweepers and canister vacuums. They also produce a carpet cleaner and a steam cleaner. They have both bagged and bag less models. They even make a vacuum made for cleaning the bottom of an above-ground swimming pool! They aim to provide a Dirt Devil cleaner for every home floor cleaning need.

Floor models have automatic height adjustment that is perfect for carpets and hard floors.

Most Dirt Devil cleaners are economical. They cost less than other brands with much bigger price tags, but in many cases perform even better than these models.

A Dirt Devil cleaner can be found almost anywhere. When shopping online, Amazon and eBay are always good sources to find these floor cleaning machines. Larger nationwide stores like Kohl’s and WalMart also carry the brand.

However, a Dirt Devil cleaner isn’t perfect. Here are some possible downsides that must be taken into consideration before rushing to purchase.

Some consider them too loud. Some blogs have even recommended wearing ear plugs while operating certain models.

It’s been noted that the hose attachment is a little difficult to detach.

The lightweight construction and low price lead some to consider it “cheap.” This is a matter of opinion. It seems to perform as well or better than vacuums priced as much as four times more.

In general the stick, sweeper, bag less and handheld models of the Dirt Devil cleaner get better reviews than their bagged uprights. Besides being the loudest models, they seem to have a harder time with carpets and work better over floors. The stick, bag less and handheld models have a much better suction rating both by consumers and in tests.

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