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Stafford Va Homes - Find the Perfect Stafford VA Home

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During the present, it is said to be a buyers market when it comes to the purchase of a new home. For that reason, many people that were unaffected by the current recession are taking advantages of these special deals by either purchasing a new home or buying an investment property. For either person, there is probably no better time than right now to make this type of purchase. Mortgage interest rates have fallen to less than 5.0%, which are the lowest rates since the early 1960’s. Along with falling mortgage interest rates, home foreclosures and home owners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments are looking to get out of their current mortgage situation. Even traditionally stable markets such as Stafford Virginia have had their fair share of troubled mortgages This has created a flood of homes for sale on the current mortgage market across the United States. Due to this fact, home prices have fallen tremendously over the last three years but are not expected to stay this low for long. Most Realtors and economists predict that now is the time to buy for those looking to find a great deal on a new home.

Moderately Priced Stafford Virginia Homes
For those who are looking to upgrade their current situation, he or she should look no further than the Stafford Virginia area. The area of Stafford Virginia has been one of the most stable areas for economic outlook over the last few years. However, there have been some people who were overextended and have unfortunately had to reassess their particular situation. Many of these people have found that they need to downgrade to a smaller home. Their loss is the potential buyer’s gain in the fact that there are many deals on the market for moderately priced homes. A home on Hatcher’s Run Court is one of the many moderately priced homes in Stafford that are considered to be a great deal. This home features a large three bedroom, two and one-half bath that is plenty of room for a growing family. The home sits in a cul de sac where neighbors enjoy privacy from the noise, hustle, and bustle of the main streets. The home boasts over 1800 square feet of running room along with spacious bathrooms and a large kitchen. The home has been updated with contemporary appliances but still has a few projects to give the new home owners room to build equity. The house, listed at $160,000, is considered a steal for this much room and potential.

Economical Homes
If you are one of the many people that has just graduated from college or are out looking for a first career, homes that are smaller and more economical may be what you need. There are many options in the Stafford Virginia area when it comes to small homes. For instance, a two bedroom, one bathroom may be the perfect size, and these homes can be had for well less than $100,000. There are a number of two bedroom, one bathroom houses that offer the buyer spacious comfort at up to 1200 square feet of living space. Homes of this size will generally run the potential buyer near the higher end of the market. However, for the single person that needs very little space, there are many homes that would fall under 1000 square feet, which would be priced anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000. These homes have plenty of room for one or two people and are considered great for newlywed couples that are thinking about starting a family. Another option for lower priced economical homes are one of the many town homes and condos. Town homes and condos offer one the opportunity to purchase a luxurious setting or something more economical. There are town homes for purchase as large as 2000 square feet just as their may be condos that are less than 800 square feet. There are a number of options in Stafford Virginia for the potential new home owner. With a little bit of research, one can be well on his or her way to finding the home that meets their particular needs.

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