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Williamsburg Va Homes - Finding Perfection in Williamsburg, VA Homes

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You’ve decided to settle down in the Tidewater region, and like so many before you, the ‘Burg is calling out to your sense of aesthetics. Whether it’s due to Williamsburg’s proximity to military bases and DOD contractor facilities throughout the region or because of the personal wooded haven that envelops the town, the homes here are highly valued. Finding something to call your own in the scenic lowlands of Williamsburg isn’t difficult if you direct your search online and compare your many options with care. A quick rundown of the Tidewater region can also paint a better picture.

Williamsburg is the heart of a rich tradition that dates back to the nation’s days as British colonies. One of the earliest established settlements, it boasts a thriving downtown that weaves in and out of carefully preserved Colonial Williamsburg. Homes in or around Colonial Williamsburg are usually student dominated.

The campus of the nearby William & Mary University also stretches through Colonial Williamsburg, and residents in this section of town have to contend with student-created congestion on a regular basis throughout the school year. In addition, nearby major highways become extremely crowded during summers because of military service member travel and statewide trips to the nearby Busch Gardens theme park. I-64, which connects the area from the eastern coast all the way to Richmond and beyond, is typical of a route that residents attempt to avoid at such times with the use of back roads.

Williamsburg, VA is, for all its college students, a rather quaint town, where the residents enjoy the low stress-pace of a diverse, yet friendly mix of lifestyles. Most long-term residents find that the best housing is in the furthest away communities, like Kingsmill, Ford’s Colony and Stonehouse, where they can access LPGA tournament golf courses, community pools and tennis courts, or benefit from active homeowner’s associations.

As a general rule, when you’re searching online for Williamsburg, VA homes, consider the market prices of the real estate you’re looking to mortgage or buy. You’ll note that though most of the results are somewhat high-level, there is a distinct increasing graduation in rent prices as you get further out.

Williamsburg homes northwest of the city find themselves in close proximity to a wider range of state-famous shopping options, like the Outlet Malls which contain high-end international brand-owned stores. Private and public schools are known for academic excellence, and kids love living in areas near nature. Williamsburg occupies a ridge on a peninsula in between the York and James Rivers, and the ecosystem is diverse. There are low crime levels throughout the James City County area, and housing styles range from apartments in the center of town to gated communities in the nicest suburbs and plantation-style spreads in the most rural areas.

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