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Arlington Heights Homes - Good Reasons to Buy Arlington Heights Homes

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The Village of Arlington Heights, Illinois is an absolutely lovely suburb of Chicago. It is the kind of place that people flock to when it is time to settle down and raise a family. Arlington Heights is full of friendly people, peaceful surroundings, and small town charm. Yet it is quite convenient for people who wish to commute daily to the bustling metropolis of Chicago for work. It is a town that it full of recreational, educational, entertainment and cultural opportunities, and these opportunities are drawing many people there to buy Arlington Heights houses. The following will fill you in on all of the great reasons to buy Arlington Heights homes.

The first feature that draws people to the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights to purchase homes is the size, or more accurately, the lack thereof. Arlington Heights is a town of only around 77,000 residents, which makes it small enough that everyone is friendly with each other. It is the kind of place that families get to know their neighbors, sharing their lives and experiences. They get together for barbecues and trips to the park, and their kids play together, go to school together and grow up together. This small town atmosphere brings back that nostalgic 1950s feeling of comfort and security that people raising families often long for.

Arlington Heights has a lot of fun activities to offer the people who purchase its homes. One of the most exciting opportunities it offers is the chance to take in live thoroughbred racing at the Arlington Park Racecourse. It is open over 90 days a year, from Wednesdays through Sundays from spring to fall. The two most famous races held at this fabulous facility are the Arlington Million and the Breeder’s Cup. It also held the first ever Midwestern-held Breeders’ Cup Thoroughbred Championships in 2002.

Another huge draw for people who buy homes in Arlington Heights is the Metropolis Performing Arts Centre. This beautiful venue hosts over 50 productions every year. The performance calendar is varied enough to offer everyone something they will enjoy. There are plays, live jazz, symphonies, vocal music, musical theatre, dance troupes, family shows, and the tremendously funny Second City Comedy troupe.

For people who prefer cinema to live performances, Arlington Heights has them well covered. The Arlington Theaters is a six-screen theater building featuring all the latest and greatest Hollywood films. They always have family-friendly offerings playing, as well as a restaurant onsite.

People who have an interest in history quickly find their way to the Arlington Heights Historical Museum after purchasing homes in town. This five-building complex celebrates the more than 150 years of Arlington Heights’ history. The five buildings all date from the turn of the 20th century or earlier, and tour guides tell you the stories of the buildings and their residents.

Bibliophiles are drawn to buy homes in Arlington Heights due to its world class Arlington Heights Memorial Library. Over two thirds of the residents of this highly literate town possess library cards to access this wonderful facility. It is a 132,000 sq. ft. building that has nearly a half million items to lend out. There are over 60 computers available, as well as free Wi-Fi.

One of the throwback activities that are highly popular for people who purchase homes in family-friendly Arlington Heights is bowling. There are two great bowling alleys in town, and they are both topnotch facilities. Arlington Lanes LLC has 40 lanes, 2 pool tables, and a full service bar and restaurant. It also offers cosmic bowling. Beverly Lanes is a PBA Practice Site, and it actually hosts PBA events. Therefore, their 24 lanes are immaculately maintained. They have a pro shop and cater to group outings.

A unique attraction for the people who purchase Arlington Heights houses is Mitsuwa Marketplace. It is the biggest Japanese grocery store in the Midwest, and it caters to the prominent Japanese community that lives in town. They offer all the sights, smells and sounds you would expect during a stroll through a Japanese market. It is open every day of the year from 9 in the morning to 8 at night. It is a great place to introduce children to a different culture.

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