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Home Cleaning Supplies - Ideal Home Cleaning Supplies

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With the hundreds of different cleaning products available, choosing the ideal home cleaning supplies can be quite a daunting experience. First thing to remember is that just because a product comes in a fancy packing does not mean it is effective. In reality, keeping the house clean really only requires a few basic cleaning supplies and some organization on the part of the cleaner.

The fundamental home cleaning supplies listed below will cover the majority of the cleaning around the main rooms of the house and no home can afford to be without them.

Microfiber Cloths and Dust Mop

Vacuum Cleaner
Furniture Polish
Glass Cleaner

The biggest impact of cleaning comes from putting all the things where they belong. So before all the rubbing and scrubbing starts make sure everything is in its place. While the brand of furniture polish or glass cleaner to use is a matter of personal preference, the microfiber cloth should not be compromised upon.

Any fiber that is smaller than 1/6 of the human hair diameter is called a microfiber. These miniature fibers generally can only be produced from man-made fibers like polyester. The microfibers of cleaning cloth are split into thousands of minuscule hairs and hooks which have the ability to grab even the most infinitesimal pathogens, like the e-coli bacteria and the virus causing the common cold. In addition, they are very absorbent, up to six times their weight in liquid. Using microfiber cleaning cloth instead of the common cotton cloth removes dirt and germs better.

When cleaning the bedrooms and living areas, you need to vacuum the floors before washing them. To keep carpets smelling fresh and clean you need to deodorize them. Simply sprinkle some baking soda on them at night and vacuum in the morning.

For the cleaning of bathroom fixtures, surfaces, and floors, different groups of products are required. Bathroom cleaners have three general purposes to clean, disinfect and deodorize. There is a large variety to select from and the majority of them serve this purpose. So before stepping into a bathroom to clean it, equip yourself with a bathroom cleaner and sponge, floor cleaner and mop, scrubbers and gloves.

There are other non-commercial products that are very effective and easy on the pocket. Baking soda is one such product that comes in handy on multiple surfaces. Sprinkle a little on a bathroom sink & the tub and wipe clean with a sponge. The tub and sink will sparkle like new. It is an excellent deodorizer and will not scratch enamel.

While there is a colorful array of home cleaning supplies that target the kitchen specifically, once again a few carefully selected items combined with natural items found in every kitchen can do the trick. Along with the standard supply of cloths, mops, and scrubbers, the following items are advised:
Oven Cleaner
All purpose surface cleaner
Floor cleaner

Almost all general purpose cleaners contain surfactants, which allow the cleaner to wet the surface, emulsify the greasy areas and remove dirt. They also have solvents to dissolve soils, chelants to bind with metal ions and builders to maximizing cleaning. One product is sufficient for cleaning all the different types of surfaces found in the kitchen.

Baking soda sprinkled on a wet sponge can also be used to remove grease from the stove. To keep the drain in working order, mix one fourth cup of baking soda in one cup of white vinegar and pour it down the drain followed by some hot water. The ensuing chemical reaction will get rid of any stubborn clogs and grease build up.

Keeping home cleaning supplies handy will speed up the cleaning process. It is a good idea to keep the bathroom products under the sink of each bathroom; this saves from having to carry bulky baskets from bathroom to bathroom. Likewise, keeping separate glass and furniture polishes for the upstairs and downstairs makes cleaning fast and handy. This way when there is a mess the products are right there and cleaning is quick and efficient. No time is wasted running all over the house collecting all the different items. Also working with a limited number of basic cleaning supplies makes it easier to keep track of them and should one need to carry them around it is not too difficult.

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