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Before World War II Dresden was considered the crown jewel of Central and Northern Europe. In medieval times it had been the royal city of the Saxson kings, and they developed their capital in grand Gothic and later Baroque style. It represented the zenith of Germanic architecture and the fountainhead of Germanic culture. The greatest artists, musicians and intellectuals came to this transcendent city to study and create.

The fire bombing of Dresden during Word War II tragically destroyed most of the city center. However, the Gothic grandeur of this center of art and enlightenment has arisen out of the ashes of the Phoenix, and today Dresden has reclaimed its place as a mecca of the arts and as a sterling destination for those travelers who are drawn to cities of sophisticated refinement.

For those desiring to be close to the cultural enrichment that Dresden offers, there are quite a number of artistically crafted hotels.


At the pinnacle of Germany’s luxury hotels is the magnificently Baroque Hotel Suitess, which was created along the architectural lines of eighteenth century Dresden. Suites and spacious apartments are available at this epitome of hotel elegance that stands next to the world renown Church of Our Lady “Frauenkirche.” The Gourmet at Maurice restaurant features the ineffable cuisine of Maurice, one of the continent’s finest chefs.

The Blu Gewandhaus Hotel is a boutique hotel of neo-classical design that features an extraordinary atrium at its center. With high class furnishings of the Biedermeier style, all the rooms reflect exquisite taste The Prince Phillip suites are spacious delights that contain private jacuzzis. Adjacent to the glass atrium is the Weber’s im Gewandhaus restaurant, which offers unique dinner entrees and a marvelous breakfast buffet.

An enormous hotel of gothic flavored Baroque design is the Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski. The Terrasse des Restaurant Intermezzo is a stunningly flamboyant bistro that serves the finest Germanic entrees.

Set among a verdant park allure is the very intimate Romantik Hotel and Restaurant Pattis. This extremely romantic hotel is a product of the art nouveau period, and it integrates nature into its design with striking art nouveau decor. The dining room is of an art moderne theme that is slightly futuristic. The gastronomic delights are refined and delicate and merge fluidly with wine from a remarkably diverse cellar.

The Hilton Dresden Hotel is a very large, minimalist Baroque edifice that contains fourteen meeting rooms and twelve restaurants. Of 1930’s design is the very warm Applaus Restaurant, which offers alfresco dining.

The QF Quartier an der Frauenkirche is a large hotel of recent construction that exemplifies the grandeur of old Dresden. It is one of the most technologically advanced hotels, which makes it very desirable for the business traveler. A marvelous breakfast buffet is offered.

Built in 1730 is the Hotel Buelow Reesidenz, which is a timeless, historical hotel. Heavy, Baroque style decor of solidity and permanence highlight this old world edifice. The finest French gastronomy is served in the Carousel restaurant, which also features an ancient, vaulted cellar bar.


The Dresden Hotel Four Points Onigshof is an exquisite boutique hotel that has a meeting room of rich, ornamental style and a very comfortable restaurant that focuses only on breakfast.

The Dresden Hotel City Herherge is a smaller hotel that is centrally located. It offers excellent value and a complimentary breakfast.

Dresden’s Hotel Ferlenhof Dittrichs Erben is in the famous Altkotzschenbroda district. This highly quaint hotel offers efficient rooms and large apartments.

The Dresden Hotel Prinz Eugen is very close to the shimmering Elbe River and has a very extensive buffet breakfast.

The Dresden Hotel-Pension Zu den Linden embodies finely-crafted elegance in a small hotel that is very convenient to the museums and offers a buffet breakfast.

The Dresden Hotel Fliegerhorst is a small, old style hotel that is close to attractions.

In the very center of Dresden is the Dresden Hotel Kipping. This historical hotel is noted for its warm, intimate service and its rich breakfast buffet for the discriminating gourmand.


With its artistic, cultural heritage spanning more than a millennium, this city of intellectuality is preeminently noted for its museums. The Zwinger museum complex is in the town center and should be a primary focus for travelers. An extraordinary art museum is the Albertium, which has examples of stunning sculpture. The Dresden City Museum is a historical museum that should not be missed.

There are numerous other art, architecture and history museums that embody the rich panoply of culture that is Dresden.

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