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Route Sales Jobs - Applying For Route Sales Jobs

physical issues outlook for route sales jobs

While economic highs and lows touch every industry in some capacity, route sales jobs will be in demand as long as goods are sold and delivered. For someone with a limited educational background who is willing to do physically difficult work and deal with customers, a route sales position is a great way to make ends meet. Read on for more information about what to expect from a route sales job and what to emphasize when applying for a route sales position.

What Do Route Sales Jobs Entail?

Most route sales professionals are the point of sale contact for stores and businesses getting items delivered on a regular basis. For example, a bakery that sells bread to local stores will have a route sales employee who delivers the bread every morning, handles any changes the stores selling bread need for future orders, and presents new items to local store owners when they become available. The route sales professional who does deliveries, presents new merchandise, and takes orders works as the primary contact between the business selling the item being delivered and the stores and businesses that want that item.

Skills Needed For A Route Sales Position

Because a route sales employee does a wide variety of things, quite a few basic skills are necessary for the job. Many employers prefer hiring someone with a CDL and a good driving record, since that person will usually need to use the company’s delivery vehicle on a daily basis. A GED or high school diploma is also frequently required in order to prove a prospective employee has the basic math and writing skill necessary for taking orders. Finally, route sales jobs usually work best for people who like dealing with customer service issues, since the route sales representative is usually the first person customers on the route go to with service or product issues.

Physical Issues

Route Sales jobs require the ability to load and unload a truck on a daily basis, as well as the ability to help with stocking and setup on the receiving end. Some small businesses may want a route sales employee who is capable of handling a wide variety of heavy lifting in order to handle delivery jobs quickly and efficiently, so being in good physical condition is a must.

Outlook For Route Sales Jobs

Route Sales is a job that is always in steady demand, so expect to see route sales jobs no matter what the current economic forecast predicts. Starting pay is usually a little more than $10.00 an hour, with benefits varying greatly from employer to employer. Because demand is steady, route sales jobs are a good employment option for someone with a CDL who is looking for a local job.

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