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Pc Software Inventory - Advantage of PC Software Inventory Tools

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Without a PC software inventory tool, it can be extraordinarily difficult to keep track of all of the inventory involved in a business’s network. By performing this inventory by hand, through the use of audits that take a great deal of time, efficiency is lost. PC software inventory tools make it much easier to keep track of changes that have been made to both the software and the hardware of a business network. This is especially useful for businesses with extremely large networks, both for functional reasons and to ensure that the business is in compliance with software licensing requirements.

A good inventory tool will summarize every PC in your network, allowing you to use graphs, searches, and in depth data to keep track of all of the hardware hooked into the enterprise. The data can be sorted based on the individual users, the operating systems, the computer manufacturers, memory and processor specifications, and so forth.

PC software inventory tools can also be used to keep tabs on all of the software used by a business. They are often designed to collect data on version numbers, which users are registered to use the software, the brands, and the number of licenses of the software purchased. Some tools will let you know if you have installed more versions of the software than the number of licenses permits.

The tools can also be used to display information in a less summarized manner, providing specific information about the hardware and software of each individual PC in the network. Changes made in disk space, processor speed, RAM, and the network can be tracked, and changes such as installations, updates, and removal of software can also be tracked.

Some of the most useful tools allow for the data collected by these tools to be exported into a format that is accessible by other programs. As an example, some of the data can be exported from a PC software inventory tool to a spreadsheet. This allows for the data to be manipulated further, providing for a great deal of data mining to take place. This can be extraordinarily helpful for businesses looking to find ways to improve their efficiency.

For computers which are not attached to the network, many programs will also allow for on site audits to be made and then recorded to a CD or a flash drive. This information can then be transferred to the main database.

A good inventory tool will also allow for IT professionals to customize the database by adding their own personal notes to record history. Some of the available options will even allow for customized data types to be created, allowing for hardware and software to be organized according to types not normally defined by the inventory tool.

In order to make the data more accessible, an effective inventory tool can hide certain types of software or hardware, making it easier to highlight the differences between systems, rather than the similarities. It can also be used to hide multiple applications from displaying when they are all used as part of the same software package.

A useful feature of some PC inventory tools is the ability to detect computers which have not sent information to the tool for a while. This can be used to locate computers that have not been in use. In this way, it becomes easier for a business to manage its resources and eliminate waste. Computers that are removed from the enterprise can then be easily deleted from the database with most tools of this type.

If your business is involved in creating some of its own software, it is also a good idea to choose an inventory tool that is capable of setting software detection options. In this way, you can locate installed software that does not follow the typical installation procedure, and that some inventory tools would be incapable of detecting.

All of these features make PC software inventory programs an excellent tool for the organization and maintenance of a computer network. The more complex a network becomes, the more difficult it becomes to organize, develop efficiency, and track changes. Inventory programs drastically simplify this process by making it much easier to sort all of this information and summarize it in a useful way.

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