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Brother Fax Toner - Use Only Brother Fax Toner Cartridges

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When faxed documents emerge from the machine with streaks in the printed page, replace the Brother fax toner cartridge with an identical replacement part. Certain supply costs can be reduced when using a fax machine that is available by a dedicated phone line even when the office is closed, but quality replacement parts for fax machines, printers, and copiers are essential. Solid research prior to the purchase of certain fax machine models reveals the value placed on affordable toner cartridges that deliver quality print, including: consistent toner powder, sturdy cartridge housing, and the brand name that matches the peripheral device.

Print samples, during the evaluation process prior to purchase, revealed that the slightest variation in the quality of the toner inside the cartridge would affect print quality. Large particles within the toner would cause clogs and streaks on the drum that would leave unprinted columns on the page. In the Brother fax toner cartridge, only the highest quality fine-particle toner is used to fill every cartridge. When the heat of the printing process is applied, the tiny particles create subtle gray shades set against the truest rich black hues that make the document clean and crisp. Even the weakest fax transmission will print clearly because of the toner quality. While a cheaper cartridge may seem like a good idea, the toner powder will appear on every document until that cartridge is replaced with a genuine Brother toner cartridge. Discarding a replacement that remains half full of cheap toner reveals an expensive attempt at cost reduction.

When Brother designs fax machines, the fax toner cartridge is designed for ease of replacement with a sturdy housing that will not bend or twist, and does not have any protruding knobs or levers that impede the insertion of the cartridge. An inexpensive copy of a Brother fax toner cartridge can twist when one corner meets resistance as it is inserted in the machine. If force is applied to finish replacing the cartridge, the inexpensive housing will often crack and toner will spill into the fax machine and lead to an expensive service call. When you lift out the original Brother cartridge, notice the weight of the materials used in the construction and return the inexpensive replacement to that unnamed company without risking damage to the fax machine. Saving money on toner cartridges could shorten the life of the fax machine. If the machine is damaged by a cheap copy of the toner cartridge, making a claim for repair is going to be almost impossible.

Many websites that offer Brother toner cartridges will use the word “compatible” in the product title that includes the Brother brand name and the model number that matches the replacement part sought. Without considering the meaning of that word, you seem to have found a tremendous bargain at half the price of the “genuine” Brother replacement part. The name brand cartridge will state specifically that it will print 2500 pages at 5% coverage, but the “compatible” part will not state how many pages can be printed before replacement. If you decide to order that inexpensive cartridge, track the number of pages that are printed from the time the cartridge is installed until you need a replacement. Most customers return to find that the company making cheap parts is gone because the customers staged an outcry of discontent with the quality of the part. The genuine part is purchased on the next round because the actual printing capacity of the cheap one was less than half of the Brother fax toner cartridge.

Part of the research performed prior to choosing the particular Brother fax machine purchased, included the cost of replacement toner cartridges and drums. The manufacturer states specifically that their goal is a very long life of affordable use. When time comes to replace parts and maintain the machine, cutting corners to save a few dollars will be very expensive in the long run. Choose genuine Brother fax toner cartridges and use brand name replacements in all your expensive office equipment. If one of the cartridges is defective for any reason, the brand name manufacturer is very quick to make the situation right and send the replacement immediately.

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