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Boulder City Homes - Beautiful Homes Available in Boulder City

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Boulder City was originally built during the recession as homes for the workers who were constructing Hoover Dam, now known as Boulder Dam. The residency flourished and then dwindled after the dam was completed. Today, with a population of approximately 15,000 people, it is a friendly, quaint small town that is a perfect place to raise a family or to retire. Money Magazine listed the city as # 6 in 2009 out of 254 places to retire in the United States. The cities were rated on affordable housing, medical care, tax rates, arts, and leisure.

Boulder City is located a short thirty minute drive from Las Vegas and only twenty minutes from Henderson if the nightlife glitter and glitz of the gambling bug bites you. There is no gambling in Boulder City! They are now the only city in Nevada where it is prohibited. Although the Hacienda Hotel and Casino, located on private land is within the boundaries of the Lake Mead National Recreation area, it is not within the city limits.

The historical section of town has smaller houses and narrower streets, whereas the newer streets are wide and many are built as cul-de-sacs rather than as thoroughfares. One thing that will catch your eye as a prospective homeowner is that homes are not all set back from the street at the same depth and some homes are single story, while others are two or even three stories tall. The location of the city allows for gorgeous views over vistas and mountainous terrain.

If you are moving to Boulder City because you want to live in a safe small town, this is the place for you. The city restricts the number of building permits per year, thus keeping tight control on the growth of this city. There is one high school, two middle and two elementary schools in the public school system for your children to attend. There is also one private elementary school and the satellite college facility of the College of Southern Nevada.

Hoover Dam is near by as well as beautiful Lake Mead. The Lake Mead Recreational Area is where residents and tourists alike enjoy everything water related; boating, swimming, fishing, sunbathing, and hiking. Do you like thrills? Not for the faint of heart, take the zip-line ride down Hoover Dam, for heart palpitating fun! Maybe river rafting or kayaking would be more to your liking. The Alan Bible Botanical Garden is also enjoyed by residents and tourists alike. Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park near Lake Mead, created by Brent Thompson, consists of all kinds of trails for the cycling enthusiasts. There riders enjoy four-wheeling, bicycling, or motor bike trails in open mountainous terrain. Enjoy a round of golf at our beautiful golf course or dining at a variety of restaurants in town, which offer a wide variety of cuisine. At the Spring Jamboree, the city is alive with tourists, bringing in about 10,000 people to our city to enjoy the art show, car show, live entertainment, and great food concessions.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that Boulder City is flat desert terrain because it is not. Streets undulate up and down through town, with homes built on flat land and others settled into lots carved out of the mountainsides. Architecture ranges from traditional ranch and bungalows to Spanish style haciendas and sleek ultra modern homes. When it comes to landscaping of lawns, expect to see everything from terraced yards to flat ones. Houses with a grass lawn are usually located in the older sections of town. With water conservation and being environmentally conscious, now more yards are done in natural landscaping using gravel, large boulders, natural desert plantings and palm trees. The price ranges on homes are as wide and varied as the styles of architecture and the property that they sit on.

With the wide variety of Boulder City homes that are available, have a Realtor assist with your search. Presently there are many houses, both existing homes and new construction, that are for sale. A Realtor will be very helpful in locating houses that are in your price range with the amenities that you are looking for in a home.

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